Dream Catchers!


Paper Plates
Craft Beads
Feathers, sequins, or other decorative items
Hole Punch
Glue & Tape
Circular object (vase, CD, bowl, etc.)


Turn paper plate face down

Use circular object to trace a circle on the back of the plate. 
You could also freestyle draw the circle.
The circle should be smaller than the base of the plate. 

Leave enough width so that you can make small holes in the plate without the plate tearing. 

Cut out circle and then mark where you would like your small holes to be all over the plate. 

Mark the holes in a clock face type pattern. 

Use a hole punch or scissors to poke the holes that you have marked. Your holes will need to be large enough for ribbon to go through. 

Make 3 additional holes along the bottom edge of the plate. 

Cut long pieces of ribbon. Too long is better because you can always cut off the excess. 

Thread the long ribbon through one of the holes and secure the ribbon by knotting it and taping it down.

Continue threading the ribbon through all of the holes around the circle of your plate. 

While threading you can add beads to the ribbon for decoration. 

When all holes have been threaded, tie off the ribbon, cut off the excess, and tape it to the back of the plate. 

Cut 3 more pieces of ribbon. One ribbon should be slightly longer than the other two which should be the same size. 

Tie the longest string in the middle hole at the bottom of the plate. Tie the shorter strings on either side and secure the strings to the plate with tape. 

On the loose ends of the ribbon, add beads for decoration, and then tie off to secure. 

If desired, add feathers to the bottom ribbons by placing the end of the feathers in the last beads on the ribbon and securing with glue. 

While the glue is drying, decorate your plate with stickers, sequins, markers, etc. 

You are finished! While you are making the dream catchers, talk with the girls about what their dreams are.
This craft is a great conversation starter!



Here are the printable instructions for this incredible activity!