About Us

Chicktime Faith is part of the growing support services offered by Chicktime National. Chicktime Faith is for anyone serving through Chicktime who wants to build her faith for the journey through relationship with like minded women. It is very important to Lori, Chicktime Founder, that our army of volunteers feel loved, appreciated, and most importantly connected and supported. That’s where Chicktime Faith comes in…to be the pastoral support for Chicktime ladies all around the country.

Dean Ornish said, “The need for connection and community is primal, as fundamental as the need for air, water, and food.” Chicktime Faith is not just “something else to do”, it is our effort to aid in building connection and community within Chicktime. Even though you may see your Chicktime sisters once a month at your event, our bond goes deeper and we want to facilitate a system where everyone feels safe and valued. Chicktime Faith exists as an outlet and an outreach…providing prayer support, life instructions for growth, and a safe place to reach out for prayer and guidance when needed.


With Love,
Karen Smith
Chicktime Pastoral Care