Meet The Leader

Karen Smith
Chicktime Faith Pastoral Care


Why I Serve a leadership role with Chicktime:
Just over seven years ago I joined my sister Kristi who started Chicktime SA Hope, never knowing where that would lead. When our primary program at the Courthouse expired, I prayed about what my role in Chicktime would be. Even though I loved what we did in Chicktime SA Hope, the Lord showed me a new way to serve Chicktime in a pastoral role, and I was very nervous when I presented His idea to Lori, but she loved it and I am very blessed to continue to be a part of Chicktime. Even though I am no longer serving the teen girls of San Antonio, I feel vitally connected to all of the chapter’s efforts to change and improve their world. It is an honor and privilege to serve with so many wonderful women!


My Passions and Gifts:
My passion is people, first and foremost. I love people and love serving them in any capacity. I am very blessed to have been able to minister to people all over the world, but serving the people at home and through Chicktime is even more awesome. God is so good and I love to share that goodness with everyone!


Hobbies and Interests:
I love hiking, biking, exploring new things, and spending QT with family and friends. I love adventure and excitement, but I am just as satisfied sitting at home with family and friends playing board games or just chatting.