February News

March 2017 Invite- Volunteers

One of our goals as volunteers at Casa is to help the girls feel loved and cared for by the community. In order to help others feel good, you have to feel good yourself – mentally, spiritually, and physically. What have you done to help yourself feel good?

Feel good mentally.

Springtime is coming, and a lot of people will “spring-clean” their homes, to purge some of the junk they have sitting around that isn’t being used. That can help lower stress and generally make you feel better- less “stuff” gives peace of mind. Think about all the things you want to clean out, and try to tackle one thing per week. Don’t do it all at once, but instead, set aside an hour over the weekend to sort out your bathroom medicine cabinet, a certain section of your closet, or that junk drawer in the kitchen. If you do one of these things each weekend in March, they will all be done and it won’t be overwhelming! I like to start with my desk where I work and make it as clean as it was my first day on the job- with less distractions in every corner, I can really focus on the task at hand! What do YOU do to feel good mentally?

Feel good spiritually.

A relationship with God (or whatever you believe in) has peaks and valleys. When things in life are going really well, do you pray a lot? Do you lean on your higher power more when you are in a low point? If you keep your spiritual connection strong consistently, the blessings that accompany spirituality will also be consistent. I have found that I incorporate prayer into a routine in my life- when I wake up so I start the day off in the right mindset, and before bed so I can recap all I am thankful for that day and sleep well through the night. I have found this consistency helps me keep things in perspective as I go through the day and maintain a more positive attitude. The day inevitably gets rushed and chaotic, but starting and ending on the right track can keep you on the right path. Do you have any tricks to feel good spiritually?

Feel good physically.

As I’ve written in previous blog posts- I like to run, which is what I do to get relief from a physical standpoint. Unfortunately, sometimes I overdo it and get aches or pains and have to take it easy on the running. Then I turn to yoga, which helps stretch out those muscles and it just feels… so… good. There is more than exercise to feel good physically- like a nice warm bath with some scented scrubs or bath scents. Can you just imagine a welcoming bath right now- doesn’t that sound great? What do you do to feel good physically?

This month Chicktime is going to help the girls at Casa de Amparo with that last one- feeling good physically! We’ll be making bath scrubs for the girls. We want to promote healthy lifestyles which can be different for every person! What do you want to look like? Is there a celebrity or someone that you strive to be like? Is that really a good model for you, knowing everyone is different? How do you want to feel? We are going to talk about these things and more while making the body scrubs at the March 11 event- I hope to see you there!

Be good to yourself,