Fiesta Foreva!

Chicktime Phoenix is looking to add one more Co-Leader to our team! If you are interested, contact us today!!!

April Update:

Chicktime was wonderful this month! We have such a different model … kids and Moms. As we were finishing up one of the Moms asked if we were affiliated with a church or something. I was so happy to share Chicktime’s beginnings, and Christ centered mission.

She said “I knew it”. I explained also that because people come from all backgrounds we aren’t allowed to share Christ or play Christian music. (I still do when we are setting up). She was very grateful that we were there and gave them a fun time for themselves and their children. We had fun too. The kids are so cute and funny. We love these children so much!

The staff is very helpful as well. Its like a big family there and as new families come in they are just assimilated into the family.