Meet the Leaders

Lily Humphreys
Chicktime Deerfield Beach Managing Leader

Why I serve the leadership role with Chicktime: I am passionate about helping others and showing that I am there for them. I was born a naturally nurturing person, and when I saw the opportunity to create a Chicktime chapter in Deerfield Beach, I knew that it was a calling. My goal is to impact as many people as I can in a positive and loving way.

My hobbies and Interests:  I enjoy binge watching TV shows, living multiple lives through novels, being a Harry Potter enthusiast and lover of sunflowers.

My passions and gifts: I am a social butterfly, warm and friendly to others. I want others to feel as if they can come to me and find comfort. I also enjoy pushing myself with challenging work and going to college for my degree in business.


Kirstin Smith
Chicktime Deerfield Beach Co-Leader

Why I serve the leadership role with Chicktime: I chose the leadership role because I absolutely love helping children. I am passionate about making a difference in all lives that I can and leaving an impact on them. My goal is to show understanding and love to all those who need it.

My hobbies and Interests:  My interests and hobbies include traveling with my husband of 24 years, our two sons and our daughter. We are very oriented. We love to visit all over the country. I like to read books in my spare time, and I also enjoy biking, weight training, and really anything that involves the outdoors.

My passions and gifts: My passion is serving others. I like to volunteer wherever I can, specifically with the homeless and with children in need. I believe that my ability to give back openly and willingly to others is one of my greatest strengths.



Maureen Devitt
Chicktime Deerfield Beach Co-Leader

Why I serve the leadership role with Chicktime: I like to help other people it’s always been my passion in my life and God has brought me on this journey in my life ,

My hobbies and Interests: My hobbies are baking and writing poetry and cooking , my interests are art photography working with kids I’m a full time Nanny , gardening, hiking, baking, helping people,

My passions and gifts: My passion is to open up a home for mother and kids in need that’s my passion i would love to make sure every child has a bed to sleep in every night and a belly full and with their mommy there tucking them in at night , my gifts are being able to provide this one day soon just giving back knowing I did my part and helping out!! 


Leanne Brooks
Chicktime Deerfield Beach Co-Leader

Why I serve the leadership role with Chicktime: I have always had an interest in volunteering and when the opportunity presented itself to be a co-leader with Chicktime I was excited about the opportunity. I enjoy working with children of all ages and I believe that everyone deserves love, support and attention from others.  Being able to serve my community and give back is very important to me. I am excited about the next year and the activities we have planned which will help the children learn, grow and have fun.

My hobbies and Interests:  My hobbies and interests include spending time with my own children and family. I love the beach, shopping, and watching a good movie. I also enjoy helping others and you can often find me giving a ride to a friend or buying a meal for someone in need. I always remain teachable and love learning new things. I am always working on my personal growth and finding my true purpose in life.

My passions and gifts: I am passionate about giving back to others and always being available to lend a helping hand. I am also passionate about teaching young women about the importance of education, confidence, self-care, and finding healthy ways to fill their life with joy. I always love meeting new people and learning about their passions. Personal growth and a positive outlook on life are also important to me. I firmly believe if you do good things happen and I try to live by this daily!


Chicktime Deerfield Beach:
Volunteer Coordinator- Lily Humphreys
Facebook Manager- Maureen “Moe” Devitt
Website Monitor- Leanne Brooks
Calendar Manager- Kirstin Smith/Lily Humphreys
Treasurer- Lily
Rising Managing- Kirstin Smith