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Chicktime August was simply….perfect! Our welcome table greeted our volunteers as a special way to help them connect with our chapter!!

And let me just say….we have the BEST volunteers in the world!!

They play and love on the babies…..

And they play Minute to Win it games with the older kids like….Panty hose bowling, Stacking game, breakfast cereal box puzzles, and cotton ball challenge ( Blindfold player who scoops cotton balls from table to bowl)!

And if this wasn’t enough to do in one evening….Co-leader Parricia Gonzalez-Grimaldos in addition to planning the games for the evening  also had a canvas decorating table for the kids to paint. We plan to present the finished painting to the SafeHaven Housing Directors, who organize the F.U.N group gatherings later this year.

We will be back in October spreading HIS love through Chicktime. Join us! You will be hooked!

June F.U.N group event with SafeHaven of Tarrant County was blessed with lots of fun and love!!

Our leaders Nora, Robin, Lisa, Valerie,Monica and Heather guided the children through crafting a windsock with a patriotic theme and played games.

We are always so humbled by the “Chicks” who come out to use their talents to help break the cycle of abuse and provide these children with much needed attention and encouragement.

Please visit our calendar of events and join us next time. We would love to have you serve with us!! We are changing the world one workshop at a time!!!

April Update:

Chicktime April was simply…..Incredible!!!! There was JOY  everywhere!!!

No Easter celebration would be complete with out games and an Easter Egg Hunt!!

FEMA Corp volunteers along with assistance from the Fort Worth Chicktime chapter organized and led all of the activities for this evenings’ event with SafeHaven. They are a remarkable group of young adults (18-24) who travel as a group to different project sites and serve to support FEMA in various capacities. We were truly blessed to have their group in the DFW area for the past few months to assist with the needs of SafeHaven. The children had a great deal of fun with the volunteers. Thank you FEMA Corp and our Chicktime members for helping to make these events successful.

Chicktime Ft. Worth will be right back at it on June 13th, 2017. Please join us!!

How we spent our Valentine’s Day evening…Spending time with my Chicktime chapter volunteering with SafeHaven of Tarrant County’s FUN Group event. We helped Ms. Sandra who led the activities with the children tonight. There were games, movies, prizes and grab bags for all of the children. So Thankful to the volunteers from FEMA corp, the 5 new Chicktime members and my co-leader Patricia Gonzalez-Grimaldos who took time out of their schedules to bless these children by just being there. We had a blast tonight. Just another example of LOVE!!!

Chicktime Ft. Worth will not meet in March but we will be back in April!!

Due to unforeseen circumstances, Chicktime January has been canceled.

We look forward to seeing you all in February =)

Thank you to everyone who attended our November workshop at SafeHaven!

We will be back in January and we hope YOU will join us!


Chicktime Ft. Worth will not meet on November 8th as previously announced. Please make plans to join as at our holiday party on November 21st!!

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