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September Update:

Healing through Journaling…..

What a special September drop off for the kids at Safehaven.

Hello Chicktime Fort Worth,

As a reminder, due to COVID-19 we are still unable to serve with Safehaven for in-person workshops but they are still in need of our help.  Here are 2 opportunities for us to still be a blessing to our charity partner and provide support.  If you are able to assist with one need or both, please know that your kindness and generosity are appreciated so much at this time.

Thank you in advance,

Denise and Jana

Back To School Drive

Our kiddos need YOUR help!

We’re heading back to virtual school, but we still need your help providing SafeHaven kids with the necessary supplies to continue learning! You can drop off any supplies at the location listed below or purchase items from our Amazon Wish List to ship straight to SafeHaven.

Amazon: https://amzn.to/30OBRTB

Or drop off at
Berry Good Buys
1701 W. Berry Street
Fort Worth
Hours: Mon – Fri, 9:30 a.m. – 5:30 p.m.; Sat 10 a.m. – 5 p.m.

August Immediate Needs

83 women and children are currently seeking safety in our emergency shelters during the pandemic. Will you give them their daily essentials by purchasing items from our August immediate needs list?

You can drop off donations at Berry Good Buys or send items straight to us by purchasing from our Amazon Wish List! We can’t do this without you!

Wish List: https://amzn.to/31po5HX

Berry Good Buys
1701 W. Berry Street
Fort Worth, Texas
Mon – Fri: 9:30 a.m. – 5:30 p.m.
Sat: 10 a.m. – 5 p.m.

August Update:

Chicktime Fort Worth, due to a generous monetary donation that they received, were able to bless the Independent Living Housing team staff with much needed pamper kits.

The staff has worked tirelessly during this season without the much needed assistance of volunteers to make certain that their client needs are met so we wanted to do a little something special for them.

Hey Chicktime Fort Worth,
Our community is hurting and could use our help…
88 women and children are currently seeking safety in the SafeHaven emergency shelters, and most come with nothing more than the clothes on their back. Will you purchase their most needed items to give families their basic necessities?
You can drop off donations at Berry Good Buys or send items straight to us by purchasing from our Amazon Wish List!
Wish List: https://amzn.to/31po5HX
Here are the Housing Group Needs:
Most pressing need at this time would be uber gift cards ($10-25), visa gift cards ($25), tracphone (or any brand) prepaid phone recharge cards, shower curtain rods (tension), shower curtains (liner and decorative), and sheets (twin, Twin XL, and queen
Berry Good Buys
1701 W. Berry Street
Fort Worth, Texas
Mon – Fri: 9:30 a.m. – 5:30 p.m.
Sat: 10 a.m. – 5 p.m.

Chicktime Fort Worth showing #unstoppable love by donating things on their Charity Partner’s needs list. I love the story on their facebook page about the couple intrigued with their purchases when in line at the store and when told about Chicktime and Chicktime Fort Worth’s partnership with SafeHaven donated 40.00 dollars to help cover the cost!

Grassroots movement…..

Hey Chicktime Fort Worth~
We have recently been in contact with the Rapid Re-housing division of SafeHaven of Tarrant County. This is the team that hosts the Monthly FUN Group events that we support and provide volunteers for. I have been informed that they are desperately in need of household items and Summer activity supplies for the children. I know that we have already sent out a list of needs for the Shelter division so if you have already donated or purchased items, your support is greatly appreciated. 
If you haven’t already donated and are able to help, can you please focus your giving to the attached list. 
If you would like to purchase and ship the items, please ship to the following address: 
SafeHaven of Tarrant County – Housing Immediate Needs
1010 N Center Street
Arlington, TX 76011
Attn: Preston Knight
If you would like to drop off items: 
Berry Good Buys
1701 W. Berry Street
Fort Worth, TX 76110 
NOTE: Please label the items for the HOUSING group only.
Your assistance is greatly needed and appreciated.  
Summer Activity Supplies:
Coloring books and crayons
a science project
Art and crafts
Something fun
Needed Household items
Sheet- queen/twin
Blankets- Queen/Twin
Pots and pans
Toilet paper
Can opener
Food storage containers
Dry racks
kitchen cooking utensils,
shower curtains
shower rod and hooks
Plates and bowls
Air pumps
wash cloths
feminine products
soap/body wash
Thank you in advance,

                                                      Denise Walker

                                                   Managing Leader –

                                      Chicktime Fort Worth Chapter


SafeHaven has 51 kiddos currently in shelter who need your help to have a fun summer.

We normally rely on fun field trips to ke ep our kids entertained while they’re out of school, but with the pandemic we’re having to get creative with crafts, movie days, and fun outdoor projects

Will you purchase a few items off our Summer Camp Amazon Wishlist (linked below) or drop off items at our Berry Good Buys resale store??

Please share! We really need your help!

Berry Good Buys Store:
1701 W Berry St, Fort Worth, TX 76110



We desperately need your help keeping our shelves stocked with essentials for the families staying in our shelters.

You can find these items and more by shopping from our Amazon Wish List or drop off items at our Berry Good Buys location.

Amazon: https://amzn.to/2W4CqH1
(Please send to 1010 N. Center St. address)

Drop Off (Mark items as “Immediate Needs”):
Berry Good Buys
1701 W. Berry Street
Fort Worth, TX 76110
* Please practice social distancing while dropping off

Our Arlington Resource Center is still closed for drop-offs.

The coronavirus pandemic is affecting some of our most at-risk neighbors, and that’s why North Texas Giving Day has created #NorthTexasGivingTuesdayNOW! Today, May 5, you can make a gift and join countless other North Texans to provide support to those who need it most.

When you make a gift to SafeHaven, you’re providing a comfortable place to rest, regroup and gain life-saving resources for women and children fleeing violent homes.

Make A Gift: https://bit.ly/2KQQWvr

A message from SafeHaven….

I’m committed to being as honest and transparent as possible, so to be frank, I’m writing to you right now because SafeHaven is on its way to being in a financial pickle.

You may have heard in the news that domestic violence increases in times of crisis. That is an understatement.

As you can imagine, home is the most dangerous place on earth for domestic violence victims. Abusers like to isolate victims from their support system, and when the government and other leaders are encouraging us to isolate ourselves, victims spend even more time alone with their abusers.

Because of this, we have already seen an increase in hotline calls, and requests for lifesaving shelter at SafeHaven are through the roof.

We aren’t top of mind for many of our donors right now, and we’ve lost a significant amount of what was expected revenue because we had to cancel our only fundraising event this year. This is a bit of a scary time for those of us trying to keep women and children safe from abusive homes.

Our goal at this time is to serve every woman and child who needs lifesaving shelter, and what we desperately need is your financial support. Will you please make a monetary donation to protect your neighbors?

Make A Donation: interland3.donorperfect.net/weblink/WebLink.aspx?name=E5919&id=6

I will certainly keep you updated on what’s happening at SafeHaven over the coming weeks and months. Please keep us and the families we serve in your thoughts.

Thank you for your unwavering support.


Kathryn Jacob, LMSW
President & CEO
SafeHaven of Tarrant County
office 682.318.1830 | hotline 877.701.7233
1010 North Center Street
Arlington, Texas 76011

Chicktime Fort Worth will not be meeting in April, We will let you know as soon as we know if we can serve in May.


We are excited to serve SafeHaven at a different day and time! Come out and join us!

Spring Break Needs:

As of today, SafeHaven have 81 kiddos who will be spending Spring Break in their shelters.

Will you make sure they have a memorable and FUN week by picking up a few items off our Spring Break Needs list or sending items straight to us from our Amazon Wish List??

Amazon: https://amzn.to/394lXpw

Drop-off Locations (Please mark items as Spring Break Needs):
Berry Good Buys
1701 W. Berry Street
Fort Worth, TX 76110

Arlington Resource Center
401 W. Sanford, Suite 1400
Arlington, TX 76011

We Can’t Wait to See Everyone! We’ve missed YOU!

Chicktime Fort Worth at Camp Heart!

Chicktime Fort Worth devotes their time and shares their love every year at Camp Heart! Camp heart is a weekend camp that serves children who have experienced domestic violence. Typically they will have 20 children, ages 8-12. Volunteer hours are very flexible. You can spend the whole weekend, one night, or just during the day helping with activities. The kids participate in support groups as well as outdoor activities like fishing, canoeing, and cookouts. What a blessing Chicktime Fort Worth is for supporting such a wonderful ministry outside of their monthly workshops.

We had a great time making Mother’s Day flowers tonight at our Chicktime Ft. Worth fun group,
We also had time for some bingo prizes and Easter egg hunt.
Love is what we want to show the kids that come to Chicktime Fort Worth.
Come volunteer with us.

February Update:


Chicktime Volunteers are so special!

They prepare for craft time….

They role model….

They encourage…..

They love and are lovable…

They listen….

They help create and teach….

They share their gifts and resources….

They are what make Chicktime Workshops so special!!

Lovebirds project with the kids at SafeHaven of Tarrant County. All you need is love

January Update:

And we’re back…Our first SafeHaven of Tarrant County FUN group of 2019 led by Estelle. 

She chose a dream catcher project for the children which was so fitting. Dream catchers are a Native American custom and are considered to be sacred charms that represent protection over children.

How appropriate as that is one of the Chicktime organizations’ tenets; to be protectors over children. The kids had a great time last night. Thank you Estelle for sharing this gift with the children.

@ Fort Worth, Texas #chicktime #chicktimentl #chicktimefortworth @ Fort Worth, Texas

Last F.U.N group of 2018. So much F.U.N!!!😊🎄 Happy Holidays Chicktime Fort Worth!!! Thank you to all of our phenomenal volunteers for another successful year blessing our community and our charity partner. 💜💜💜

Thank you for being my right and left hand and for having my front and back, depending on the task but no matter what the task. You absolutely Rock!!!

#chicktimefortworth #chicktime #chicktimeinc #onetiredelf #waterlessholidaysnowglobes

October Update:

This month we didn’t have a typical Chicktime workshop!

Instead we joined forces with our chaprity parity and helped them put on “Camp Heart” !

A weekend full of activities…..

And crafts…..

and dancing….And of course a whole lot of love!



Tonights’ FUN group…Slime, Slime Everywhere.

Co-leader Nancy, led the kids in creating slime, playing bingo and I heard that there were grab bags for everyone at the end of the event.


It was a big hit!!! Excellent job Paul-Nancy Strickler and Thank you to all of the volunteers and co-leader Patricia for making this a FUN night for the children!!!

SafeHaven of Tarrant County #FUNGroup #slime #bingo#backtoschoolfun #wehavethebestvolunteers #chicktimeinc #chicktime#chicktimefortworth

Check out our newest immediate needs list and pick up a few items when you can~ 🛒💜

OR ship items straight to SafeHaven by ordering from our Amazon Wishlist: http://a.co/aCEPIm0

Drop-Off Locations:
Berry Good Buys
1701 W. Berry Street
Fort Worth, TX 76110

Arlington Resource Center
401 W. Sanford, Suite 1400
Arlington, TX 76011

Thank you~

Chicktime Fort Worth

We won’t be meeting this month,  but would like to help SafeHaven fill some immediate needs!

Can You help us? Contact ftworth@chicktime.com and let us know how we can meet up with you to pick up any of these items!

Let’s bless them by overwhelming them with items on this list.

July Update

Tonights’ F.U.N group event is in the books.

Shout out to Monica and Nancy for coordinating a fun filled scavenger hunt. (We missed you Patricia?) And a huge Thank you to all of our volunteers who came out tonight; we couldn’t have done it without all of you.

See you in September but in the interim, keep following our Chicktime Fort Worth/Chicktime Fort Worth page or http://www.chicktime.com/fort-worth/ chapter page for chapter news and additional opportunities to bless Safehaven until the next F.U.N group!!!

SafeHaven of Tarrant County #chicktime #chicktimefortworth #summer #summerfun #scavengerhunt #FUNgroup

June Update:

Soooooo, you know how we normally have a plethora of photos from our events, yeah, well, that didn’t happen tonight ? I was leading a workshop and the other leaders were busy making sure the kiddos needs were addressed and putting the FUN in FUN group, that we didn’t get around to taking a lot of photos (that’s our story and we are sticking to it???) But as always, we had a blast with the kiddos? Welcome to all of our new chapter members and Thank you to everyone that came out tonight and blessed this event. #apictureisworthathousandwordsbutnottonight #safehavenoftarrantcounty #chicktimefortworth #chicktimeinc #chicktime #chicktimentl

May Update:

Camp Heart Weekend May 2018 –

Art/Music painting with friends workshop, painting horses, confidence (high) obstacle course, fishing, basketball, nature hike, sand art, hayride, free time and award ceremony and S’mores by the fireside …. Wow!!

Can’t wait to do this all over again at Camp Heart Oct 2018!!! If you would like to be a blessing to the children who are impacted by domestic violence, please think about joining Chicktime at the fall 2018 Camp Heart event or at any of our monthly FUN group events with SafeHaven. Check out our events calendar at www.chicktime.com for more information and to sign up. #campheartmay2018 #chicktimefortworthrocks

April Update:

We just can’t help but smile when we are at Chicktime!!

Another fun evening of crafts …..

and play……

And just really spreading love and hope as best as can!!

Our April FUN group highlights are not unique to this month….We will be back at it next month at Camp Heart! Reach out to us and we can tell you more about it.


Chicktime Fort Worth

Sometimes it’s hard to know who has more fun….the kids we serve or the volunteers!!

We think it’s about even! Our time with them is so very precious and their time with us is life changing!

February FUN group with SafeHaven of Tarrant County!!! #chicktimeftworth#chicktime #valentinesday2018 #hearts

Join us at our next workshop! The movement is real!

November Update:

Chicktime Fort Worth knows how to party!!

Our holiday party with the kids at SafeHaven FUN group was jammed packed with crafts and more crafts.

We have the best volunteers and leaders and can’t wait until 2018!

Our calendar is set for the 2018 year and our leadership team is pumped for the fun we are going to have together!

Join us for the ride of your life!

The SafeHaven Housing group that Chicktime Fort Worth partners with hosted an evening of awareness at one of their local area shelters. We are so very blessed to be partnered with an awesome group of women at #SafeHavenofTarrantCounty. They work tirelessly to put an end to domestic violence!

The Essence of S.A.F.E Women’s Social focused on exploring what it means to be a SAFE partner within SafeHaven’s mission to end domestic violence. #DVAM17

The S.A.F.E acronym stands for:
S – Stronger than our circumstances
A – Aware of options and resources
F – Fearless about moving forward
E – Empowered by self worth

October Update:

Chicktime Fort Worth had such a great time at their October workshop. Workshop leaders Ashley and Nancy did an awesome job guiding the children through rock painting. The children love getting their hands messy with paint and creating their own masterpieces.

Our volunteers played games with the kids after all the painting was complete.

Each child was also given a goodie bag compliments of the Brand F/X team .

We are so blessed with the greatest volunteers ever!

Join at our next workshop! We would love to have you!

Chicktime August was simply….perfect! Our welcome table greeted our volunteers as a special way to help them connect with our chapter!!

And let me just say….we have the BEST volunteers in the world!!

They play and love on the babies…..

And they play Minute to Win it games with the older kids like….Panty hose bowling, Stacking game, breakfast cereal box puzzles, and cotton ball challenge ( Blindfold player who scoops cotton balls from table to bowl)!

And if this wasn’t enough to do in one evening….Co-leader Parricia Gonzalez-Grimaldos in addition to planning the games for the evening  also had a canvas decorating table for the kids to paint. We plan to present the finished painting to the SafeHaven Housing Directors, who organize the F.U.N group gatherings later this year.

We will be back in October spreading HIS love through Chicktime. Join us! You will be hooked!

June F.U.N group event with SafeHaven of Tarrant County was blessed with lots of fun and love!!

Our leaders Nora, Robin, Lisa, Valerie,Monica and Heather guided the children through crafting a windsock with a patriotic theme and played games.

We are always so humbled by the “Chicks” who come out to use their talents to help break the cycle of abuse and provide these children with much needed attention and encouragement.

Please visit our calendar of events and join us next time. We would love to have you serve with us!! We are changing the world one workshop at a time!!!

April Update:

Chicktime April was simply…..Incredible!!!! There was JOY  everywhere!!!

No Easter celebration would be complete with out games and an Easter Egg Hunt!!

FEMA Corp volunteers along with assistance from the Fort Worth Chicktime chapter organized and led all of the activities for this evenings’ event with SafeHaven. They are a remarkable group of young adults (18-24) who travel as a group to different project sites and serve to support FEMA in various capacities. We were truly blessed to have their group in the DFW area for the past few months to assist with the needs of SafeHaven. The children had a great deal of fun with the volunteers. Thank you FEMA Corp and our Chicktime members for helping to make these events successful.

Chicktime Ft. Worth will be right back at it on June 13th, 2017. Please join us!!

How we spent our Valentine’s Day evening…Spending time with my Chicktime chapter volunteering with SafeHaven of Tarrant County’s FUN Group event. We helped Ms. Sandra who led the activities with the children tonight. There were games, movies, prizes and grab bags for all of the children. So Thankful to the volunteers from FEMA corp, the 5 new Chicktime members and my co-leader Patricia Gonzalez-Grimaldos who took time out of their schedules to bless these children by just being there. We had a blast tonight. Just another example of LOVE!!!

Chicktime Ft. Worth will not meet in March but we will be back in April!!