About Our Chapter

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After surviving the throes of a separation and eventually divorce, being a caregiver to a parent with Alzheimer’s and realizing that my youngest child was getting ready to graduate from high school, I reflected over my life. My marriage of 12 years had ended, my mother passed away and my youngest child would be off to college soon.   At that point I realized, that aside from my career, I noticed that in my quest to be a good wife, mother and parent, I had lost my identify of self, felt disconnected and realized how I had neglected my passion to be of service to others especially women and children in my community. What was next for me?

I knew that I needed to re-connect with that part of my life that brought me so much peace and a sense of purpose but having just moved to the Fort Worth area, I was not familiar with the service organizations that were available.

It was out of this very personal need, I begin researching organizations within my area and found Chicktime. From the very first email to the first event that I attended with my daughter, I realized that Chicktime is an organization that allowed me to contribute positively to the lives of others and make our communities better through ongoing service and generosity. Also, the way in which we are allowed to serve offered the flexibility I needed.

I love that fact that we are allowed to share our passions and gifts and it allows me to expand beyond my immediate circle and fellowship with others from various ages and backgrounds. Even though our reasons for joining Chicktime may be individual and unique, together we accomplish our goals faster, stronger and happier as we share our life experiences and passions as we help to heal the community that we reside in.

If you are ready to change the world…Won’t you join us?

We would love for you to join us on our journey to add love and joy to the lives of these children. Our volunteers are what keeps our chapter going and that is why we need you too! If you’re interested in becoming a member or receiving event invitations, select the “Join a Chapter” link and then click TX- Fort Worth.

Denise Walker
Chicktime Fort Worth Managing Leader



Sophie Duprat founded Chicktime Ft Worth in 2012 and managed it until 2015. From the time she was a little girl, Sophie knew she wanted to devote her life to helping others in need. Her dream was to work for one of the huge humanitarian companies and travel (one of her other passions) through the world supporting and helping people. Through a series of events she gave up on the dream. Twenty years later, she realized it was the biggest mistake in my life and finally decided to be the woman she was made to be. We are so grateful for that decision and to Sophie for establishing Chicktime Fort Worth. Her dedication made it possible to bring much love to those suffering in the Fort Worth area.

Sophie founded Chicktime Fort Worth on the belief that everyone is important and valuable and the critical importance of showing others they deserve to be loved.