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 Clearfork Academy Cleburne

Since the inception of Clearfork Academy parents and referents have asked the question “why don’t you treat girls?”  The question was always asked a bit tongue and cheek because of the amount of effort it takes to treat a female teen in crisis.  My response was always, “we will get there, we just aren’t there yet.” Well, after 6 successful years of treating 13-18 year old teens we are ready! Clearfork Academy is so proud to announce we will be accepting female clients to our entirely new campus in Cleburne, Texas.  Yes, we have enough room on our current campus to co-locate males and females, but we know that the BEST practice is to have males and females separate so that they may focus on their respective issues.  The Cleburne campus is a beautiful home like atmosphere that will allow trust and safety to be the foundation of all that is accomplished.

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Just like our boys, we know that the girls coming to Clearfork Academy Cleburne will be of the best and brightest in their class and age range. Unfortunately, these gifts and talents have been misused on sneaking out, manipulating, lying, stealing, using substances, and ultimately wasted. Our focus will be to redeem these beautiful qualities in each girl and help them be used for their intended purpose. Each treatment plan will be uniquely tailored to the individual AND the family system supporting the child. 

The heart and the mind of a teenage girl is much different than that of a male.  For this reason, Clearfork has an entirely new campus dedicated to serving the needs of teenaged females 13-18 years old.  The “Clearfork Way” will continue to our 14 acre campus in Cleburne, Texas.   The Clearfork Academy girl will be trained in and served by the HUSTLE & FUN phiolosphy that was the foundation of the main campus.  Our teen girls will learn to Honor themselves and other as God has intended, we will teach them that UNITY is process and needs to be diligently crafted and that not everyone has access to their mind or body, Sacrifice will be instilled and taught to go the extra mile…every single time, Our girls will learn the value of TRANSPARENCY that transcendes the falsehoods of social media and builds lasting, trust-filled relationships, Our ultimate hope at Clearfork Academy is that every teen finds and creates their new legacy by participating in the program, We will live and breathe EXCELLENCE by never taking a shortcut, and lastly, we will enjoy the process by having FUN every step of the way.