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If you have a heart to serve others and help make sure the almost forgotten children of our community receive love and friendship, contact Praveena today for more info about co-leading Chicktime Franklin Township!

Chapter Update~

Chicktime Humble has found a new Charity Partner and we can’t wait to serve there!

With the damage that was done to Family Time form the tropical storm, Imelda and the unknown of when they will be back and running we decided to find a new place to serve in the meantime.

It is our hope that if they get things together again and can welcome volunteers back,  a new Leadership team will emerge to go back there. Could that be you?

Contact Sandra if it is and she can help you process this!

November Update:

Our November workshop focused on gratitude. The girls decorated chalkboards with paint, antique buttons and permanent markers. We asked them to make the statement
“I am grateful for”….. permanent on the chalkboard with either paint or permeant marker and everyday with chalk change what they are grateful for!

As the girls were doing this activity we went around the room to share what each of us is grateful for and helped the girls realize that even in the darkest times there is always a reason to be grateful.

This activity spilled over to writing grateful cards to special people who have impacted us. The girls really liked this activity and it seemed therapeutic and a way to show how grateful and thankful they are to the people who have loved and encouraged them along way. We had a blessing mix bar where the girls grabbed a plastic goodie bag and scooped in various ingredients that together made the mix. They used a precut ribbon to tie the bag shut with instructions on what each ingredient meant. The girls made one for themselves and one to share with someone special.

Fresh fruit with chocolate dipping sauce and cookies filled our tummies and was the perfect Saturday workshop treat. We circled up and held hands for our closing prayer…a workshop tradition!

Chicktime San Antonio remains grateful for the opportunity to serve at Boysville and be part of the journey in the teen girls who live there.
Happy Thanksgiving to all our volunteers who we are also VERY grateful for!

November Update:

Chicktime had an amazing time on Saturday helping the children and their families decorate the family crisis center for Christmas…
It’s never too early right???

We began our workshop with prayer and a reminder to the moms at the shelter that God loves them that this stage in their lives is not who they are. We reminded them that God means to prosper them and love them.

The children enjoyed cookies and donuts and hot chocolate.
They loved their kid sized trees soo much.
Thank you to everyone who donated their time and their resources to make this day possible.

November Update:

We love the encouragement that the parable about the Pearl of Great Price brings to us.

….And we particularly love giving the girls a pearl necklace to remind them of their great worth to Jesus. Sunday we opened a real oyster loaded with 27 earls. The girls loved seeing the pearls inside and almost all of them got to have one.

The formation of the pearls parallels their lives. It is a very meaningful teaching.

After that they all got a single fresh water pearl necklace, to remind them that they are so vulnerable.

Jesus, gave all to redeem them.

Our Chicktime Ladies, after serving a feast they prepared, worked hard to fit the necklace perfectly to every girl. Our team is amazing and so deeply appreciated.