Where We Serve

The Children’s Center Galveston Family Crisis Center (FCC)

The Galveston Island Family Crisis Center is the only homeless family shelter in Galveston County and annually provides shelter services for more than 700 homeless parents and their children. At any given time, more than three-quarters of the clients are children ranging from age 0-17 years of age. The Case Managers support clients in developing personal, home and community living skills, as well as educational, parenting and vocational areas that increase their successful transition into independent living.

Wish List…

Linen – twin-sized, comforters, towels, wash cloths, pillows and pillow cases; Laundry and dish washing detergent; Personal Hygiene Products;  and Dry Food and Canned Goods (rice, beans, soup, meats and vegetables).


Additional Volunteer Opportunities at The Children’s Center Family Crisis Center

A volunteer packet must be completed to volunteer in these areas:


CHICKTIME – A group of women that come and host different activities at The Family Crisis Center the 3rdh Saturday of each month. We have fun activities planned each month including arts and crafts, zumba, sports clinics, and much more!

Chicktime believes that EVERY child and family needs support from those who love them and we enter their lives as caring members of the community focused on their restoration and just doing what we can to bring a bright spot to their lives

The Children’s Center Galveston Family Crisis Center (FCC) Contact Info:

Shirley Harrison, program director