Game On!

April Update:

We had a early Easter Celebration with the kids at Roy Maas Youth Alternatives this Saturday. Miss DeVonsia and her military crew prepared some canvases with sketches on them. When the kids walked in, they were super excited to see that we were having a paint session. The littles painted them so fast and wanted to help everyone with their paintings. Every single canvas was used!
During snack time, we played a few rounds of Bingo. It was intense but everyone won a prize.
We finished off the workshop with a piñata, donated by Miss Trish. Some of the kids loved the piñata’s so much that they wanted to take a photo with them. They were also hugging and dancing with the piñatas. It was super cute! When the piñata’s were emptied, the kids were so excited to see candy, wristbands, and even playdoh!
As we left, the kids handed us a thank you letter that they signed for us. It’s so nice to see that they truly appreciate the time that Chicktime San Antonio Central spends with them!
Thank You Miss DeVonsia for such a fun workshop! Thank You Miss Pamela and Miss Crystal for all your support and positivity. The kids loved you all! And laslty, thank you Miss Trish, who could not make it, but provided the piñata’s and other goodies for the kids. Thank You all for making this a memorable Easter celebration for the kids. They really enjoyed it!