Gobble, Gobble!!


October Update:

Thank you to everyone who attended Chicktime October at the Alabama Baptist Children’s Home! Ms. Lisa from the Exchange Center for Child Abuse Prevention was our workshop leader this month and she had lots of Halloween fun planned for the kids and the Chicktime Dothan chicks. Ms. Lisa’s character building lesson was all about the fact that luck is what you make it. She shared various superstitions with the kids like horse shoes, black cats, and four leave clovers and she told us that these things are just symbols and they do not really determine if something will turn out to be good or bad for us. The focus was for the children to understand that being honest and treating each other kindly is the best way to have good luck!

We played an awesome trick-or-treat came in the which the kids picked up as much candy as they possible could with a zombie claw. It was interesting watching them try to grab as much candy as they could without dropping any! We also made our very own spiderwebs with silly string.

For snack, we made black cat Oreos….. yummy!

Ms. Rachel from Canvas Me Henna also came to visit us this month and the kids were all treated to the face painting of their choice. Thank you so much to all of the volunteer who made Chicktime October a success! We hope to see YOU at Chicktime November!