You may create your own Chicktime logo gear but only the approved logo may be used. For example, if you have a friend who can print t-shirts at cost, by all means enjoy that and go for it. Want to print your own business cards or stationary, be our guest. We only ask you use the APPROVED logo.


Click here to download the logo:

Chicktime pink logo (for graphic design use)

Chicktime pink logo (for homemade use like letterhead… don’t send this version to printers)


Click here to download Chicktime Letterhead in Word:

Letterhead with Header/Footer


Click here to download the 2017 Schedule Graphic



Click here to download a Chicktime sign-in sheet.

Chicktime Sign In Sheet


Click here to download the Chicktime tri-fold brochure:




Click here to download the Chicktime Kick-off/Informational meeting flyer. The text box is customizable for your event details.

Chicktime Invite for printing

Chicktime Invite for printing



Helpful downloads for flyers, invitations, etc (posted by chapter leaders who want to make your life easier by sharing what they create with you.)
Ladies, we are so grateful for Carolyn Boden, chapter leader in the Canyon Lake chapter, for making cute invitations that you can use!! Simply download the template and insert your text (the graphics are permanent!) These are super cute and we hope that you will use them to promote your events!

“Career Invitation” – Chicktime-Career-Template

“Carnival Invitation” – Chicktime-Carnival-Template

“F.R.O.G. Invitation” – Chicktime-F.R.O.G.-Template

“Princess Invitation” – Chicktime-Princess-Template

“Who I Am in Christ Invitation” – Chicktime-Who-Am-I-In-Christ-Template