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Chicktime Greenville is currently in need of a Managing Leader to help bring this chapter into its next phase of life! If you have a heart to serve the almost forgotten children of our community, please contact us at info@chicktime.com today!

Our art party workshop was a hit! Thank you to our volunteers!

Can’t wait for our next event!


February Update

Thank you very much Aerie Lane for such a fun and exciting project!!!


All of the girls adored this and can not wait for you and your team to return!!!

What a great encouraging way to remember some very powerful words 🎊

January Update

Another Chicktime Event in the books! We had a blast with our version of blackout boards/vision boards.

We love spending time with all of the sweet kiddos!!!

Special shout out to our MVP volunteer Lisa! She goes above and beyond and we love seeing her sweet face at each event!!
Also, Thank you, Cheryl, aka mom for all you do to help! 

December Update

Christmas crafts to start this holiday season off right!

Loved creating memories with the with sweet girls at the Hope Center!!


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November Update

What an incredible day filled with crafts, s’mores pizza and the amazing women’s ministry of Praise Cathedral 🙌🏻🎃 

We really appreciate you serving with us today!! I know the girls really loved you guys!

October Update:

Our Halloween party was so much fun!!

We had lots of goodies, played a few games and hung out with the wonderful girls at

The Hope Center!

Look out for our next Chicktime Volunteer opportunity coming up next month!

September Update:

We had to cancel our September workshop, but we are looking forward to picking things up in October!

Hope to see you there. We are looking for someone to join our leadership team and volunteers to help us establish a legacy in our community!

Join us~

August Update:

Who knew fitness could be so fun! Thank you to our workshop leaders Maranda and Faith who really rocked out today’s leadership workshop!

Also thank you to are faithful volunteers who spend the first Saturday of the month celebrating the lives of our future generations children.

 Thank you Jessica for coming out today! It truly made my day!!

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Today was SO much fun. Our baking workshop hosted by Lauren was a huge success.

All the girls participated in making emoji cookies. We made our own piping bags, cut out fondant for the expressions, and everything was homemade.

What a perfect way to begin a Saturday!

May Update:

What an incredible turn out! We very much appreciate all of the kind ladies from Take Heart Church!!!

There are no words to express how special this event was for us as a chapter that is just beginning! It gives me very much faith that this where the lord wants us to be!!!

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April Update:

We had an amazing time at our first Chicktime event. We played some games, tie-dyed some t shirts, and ate some yummy snacks…apparently the cotton candy that was donated was amazing, considering one of the girls ate 13 bags!!!

Needless to say, we are so excited to continue developing relationships with the girls of Hope Center for Children and spreading joy into their lives monthly!

If you are interested in getting involved, please reach out, as we could definitely use your help! Contact us for more information on volunteer opportunities!