About Our Chapter

Chicktime Greenville began this year “2018”. It began with my own personal journey to find a volunteer opportunity that matched my vision of how I would like to serve the community. After I discovered that ladies all across the upstate had been volunteering to serve with Chicktime since 2013 and nobody had stepped up to lead, I felt a pulling on my heart to be that person.
The Chicktime vision to love on those who have been neglected or abused spoke volume to the leaders and co leaders of the chapter. Each of the leaders has experienced something in their childhood that could have broken them. We all have had that bright star in our lives who encouraged us, and believed in us and helped us to be the person we are today. We believe that having a great support system is the key to life. We want to be that bright star for the ladies we serve.
After our visit with the Anchor House Children’s Home we quickly realized that this was the perfect place for us to partner with! The children have never had a volunteer group that wanted to make a permanent commitment to come and share life with them! We look forward to the opportunity to serve our community and are excited about watching this group of women grow and serve.
We would love for you to join us on our journey to add love and joy to the lives of these children. Our volunteers are what keeps our chapter going and that is why we need you too! If you’re interested in becoming a member or receiving event invitations, select the “Join a Chapter” link and then click SC- Greenville.

Michelle Jeffers
Chicktime Greenville Founder & Leader