Meet The Leaders

Michelle Jeffers
Chicktime Greenville Chapter Founder & Leader


Why I serve a leadership role with Chicktime:
I have always wanted to do something to give back to those who are hurting and who are in need. As a child of an abusive home I realized I have a unique opportunity to worship and mentors the young ladies in our group. Most of us can remember that person in our life that was that ray of sunshine or guiding light in our darkest time. My goal is to bring ladies together from all walks of life to encourage and be that bright star in the young ladies lives that we serve. Sometimes it is the smallest gesture that makes the biggest impact and if one child’s life is changed or heart is healed from the ministry that would truly be the blessing I sought after when leading this chapter.I have two beautiful daughters who I am happy to report will be my side kicks in this journey. That in itself is an incredible experience. Having them share in the experience of changing lives and giving back is the most precious reward.


My Hobbies & Interests:
My hobbies are swimming, kayaking and the occasional Netflix binge.Passions & Gifts:
I have been a orthodontics assistant for at least 15 years. My husband and I recently opened up a travel Agency and that is a huge passion for us. We love helping other find their perfect vacations!

Misty Rodriguez
Chicktime Greenville Chapter Co-Leader


Why I serve a leadership role with chicktime:
Growing up, I always loved leaning on the ladies in my family for advice and encouragement. I was always able to talk with one of them to help me out. With that being said, I joined Chicktime so that I could pass that on to other young ladies. I chose to join as a co-leader for Chicktime Greenville because my sister Michelle and I work well together. I believe together we are going to make a difference for the young ladies in our area. I want to help encourage them to pursue their dreams and to reach for the stars. Nothing is impossible if you pray, believe, and persevere towards your goals.


My hobbies and interest: 
I have lots of hobbies but the one that gets most of my time is karate. I have been training for 5 years and I received my first-degree black belt last June. It is something that my husband and our three sons do together, and we enjoy it. Other hobbies that I enjoy are: cooking, baking, crafts, sewing, camping, traveling, walking on the beach, swimming, movies, writing, playing basketball, baseball and soccer with my husband and our kids. We stay pretty active and busy but works for us.


My passions and gifts:
My passion is helping others, I love assisting others in need and helping them get through whatever situation they are in. As well as, being patient and encouraging to others. Those are just things that come natural to me. So, when I can help others, I do. I believe in forgiving others and that is a gift that I have been blessed to receive from God. Forgiving others is not easy for everyone but by the grace of God it is for me.


Stephanie Miller
Chicktime Greenville Chapter Co-Leader


Why I serve in a leadership role at Chicktime:
I have always had a heart for children and have felt that it is important to invest in others, especially those that may not have healthy home environments. Knowing someone who was very personally impacted by child abuse and neglect made me even more aware of the difficulties children can face in breaking that cycle. With love, understanding, excitement about their future, and healthy role models children are so resilient! My hope is that through Chicktime, I can be an encouragement to these girls to believe in themselves, dream big and accomplish their goals!


My hobbies and interests: Outside of my passion for real estate, I enjoy spending time with family and friends, working out, doing home renovation projects and going for walks with my husband, Justin, and our two Great Danes.


My passions and gifts: I am a full-time Realtor and that is one of my greatest passions. I absolutely love what I do and enjoy the process of helping others reach their real estate dreams!


Chicktime Greenville:
Volunteer Coordinator- Stephanie Miller
Facebook Manager- Michelle Jeffers
Website Monitor- Stephanie Miller
Calendar Manager- Stephanie Miller
Treasurer- Michelle Jeffers
Rising Managing Leader- Stephanie Miller