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By The Hand Club For Kids™

Since its beginning in 2001 with 16 children, By The Hand has witnessed tremendous transformation within the lives of our kids—and as an organization. This year we will serve 895 kids and, we hope, 5,000 by the year 2020. As we continue to grow, we’re reaching out to more children in different neighborhoods and introducing ourselves to new supporters across the country.


Our name, By The Hand captures the essence of what distinguishes our after-school program from others. We literally and figuratively take kids by the hand and walk alongside them from the time they enroll in our program until they’re walking independently as well-adjusted, responsible adults. We tutor them to academic excellence. We mentor them to reach their full potential. And we care for them as our own.



Taking kids by the hand
By The Hand is an after-school program with an emphasis on academics and a commitment to nurturing the whole child—mind, body and soul. Founded in Cabrini-Green and located strategically throughout some of Chicago’s most impoverished inner-city communities, where overcrowded and underfunded schools abound, By The Hand is filling a special need—and with great success. Kids are saying no to drugs, gang violence and teenage pregnancy. They are rejecting illiteracy and poverty as a way of life. Instead, they are developing into honor roll students and changing the trajectory of their lives. When you partner with By The Hand, you are helping kids realize their full potential. In doing so, you are making a difference for generations to come.