Meet The Leaders

Patty Homoky
Chicktime Indy Founder & Leader


Why I serve in a leadership role with Chicktime: I serve in a leadership role with Chicktime because I understand the importance of helping others and getting women involved in their community! I know that together, we can make a huge impact on the lives of women and children in need!


My passions and gifts: One of my passions is helping others. I have done this for a long time… whenever I can! Whether it be volunteering my time, organizing collection drives, or just donating what I can… I LOVE to help others! I believe that my gift is encouraging others to do what they can to help those less fortunate.

Hobbies and interests: My hobbies and interest include many different things. I love to sew and do other craft projects. I am almost always working some new project. I also love to reach and watch moves.

Kelley Baumgartner
Chicktime Indy Chapter Co-Leader

Why I serve a leadership role with Chicktime: I have a passion for helping women and children who are struggling. I’ve been through a lot myself the last few years. If it weren’t for my faith, my family, and my friends, I’m not sure I would have survived it. During my difficult time, I always prayed for other women going through hard times without that support. How much harder it would be for them. I knew I wanted to help them. My prayers were answered when I found out about Chicktime. I’ve been a volunteer for a while and now have the privilege to lead. I am blessed and can’t wait to help bless others.


My passions and gifts:My greatest passion in life is my relationship with my savior Jesus Christ. He has gotten me through some very tough times. I love to serve him and help others in need. I’m a nurse, so helping others is just a normal part of my life.


My hobbies and interests:I love spending time with my family and friends. I’m a big reader and love to bake.


Jo Ella MacKool
Chicktime Indy Chapter Co-Leader


Why I serve a leadership role with ChicktimeI can’t begin to give back to others the way Christ has provided and put others in my life in my time of need.  We are all called to come along side and walk with others, to love them the way Christ has loves us.  I love how this organization empowers us to serve others and let them know that they are not alone.


My passions and gifts: My passion is to not to know a stranger.  Everyone has a story and I love to listen and share with others my story.  


My hobbies and interests: I enjoy DIY project, and crafting. When my boys are in town I find myself in the kitchen cooking up their favorite meals.


Chicktime Indy:
Volunteer Coordinator- Patty Homoky
Facebook Manager- Patty Homoky/Jo Ella
Website Monitor- Kelley Baumgartner
Calendar Manager- Patty Homoky
Treasurer- Patty Homoky
Rising Managing Leader- Kelley Baumgartner