Joyful News in June

So excited!!!
I found a local couponer with a stockpile of items we need!

Anyone wanting to contribute, $1.50 funds a deodorant, $1 funds a toothpaste, and $2 funds a box of pads/tampons.

Who could have imagined such excitement over these items?! 🤣

If you’d like to help we have Venmo (@Chicktime-Tampa)
or we are available in Tampa/Brandon if you’d rather make a cash or check donation.

Our friends are the BEST!
All of this will be taken to Miracles OutReach on Friday,
and we have more being picked up before then! 🤯❤

Thank you Dan and Missy!

Terry Overton , I was able to order loads of Chef Boyardee, jelly, snack stuff,
and ingredients for spaghetti with your donation! Thank you!!!