Love Drop Off!

It’s the third Saturday of the month. What does that mean…Chicktime Bulverde at SJRC. We could not meet face to face but we got some goodies together and treated them to a Taco Bell Chalupa Box lunch. The goodies included some of their favorite treat: Merrilee’s Fire Crackers, popcorn, oatmeal pies, Zebra cakes, puddings and more. We also included a couple of activities: Puzzles, Yahtzee and Jacks (a Blast from the Past).
It’s very hard for us not to be able to be with them, but we still want to show them how much they are loved. If you would like to help us show the LOVE to these AMAZING WONDERFUL Teens, we could use gift cards from local eateries, HEB, Walmart, Hobby Lobby, Michales, or Amazon. Any questions or want to know more about Chicktime or SJRC, message us. Thank you in advance.