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July Update:

Chicktime Katy brought the house down with Krause House with some karaoke today! Angela brought Whitney Houston and Kim brought Roberta Flack! The girls had so much fun singing The Ambassadors, Lana Del Rey, and Luke Combs songs with others. We even had the staff participate in song!
Thanks to Julianne, Kate and Bella for joining us!

June Workshop:

What a fun time today at Krause House! We had Laurie lead us thru following our dreams. It started with a fun ice breaker with the girls making a story by each one saying one word. It was followed by writing down what beliefs keep us from following our dreams and focus on our inner cheerleader who can help us achieve our dreams. The girls shared how they would like to spend their 19th birthday.
We thoroughly enjoyed having Myer, Gabby, Addy and Joanna join us for their first Chicktime event. We hope to see them next month

May Update:

WE’RE BACK!!!!!! Chicktime Katy just finished their first in person workshop at Krause in more than a year! We were so excited. Victoria Washington regaled us with an amazing talk on what entrepreneurship is and how she has been a successful black female IT business owner for more than 17 years. The Krause girls had some great questions and ideas of their own. Can’t wait to see what future business opportunities these young women will come up with.
We were so lucky to have Angela (Kimberley’s sister!) and Lisa become Chicktime Katy members today and so happy for Karen and Madelyne who got to experience their first in person Chicktime Katy Krause workshop.
Can’t wait to see you all next month when we continue the trend and talk about finding jobs that you are passionate about.

April Update:

Hello Chicktime Katy! We had a great presentation with the Krause girls about relationships from Madelyne, Saturday. It was really good to remind ourselves what is acceptable and what isn’t in a healthy relationship. It was also good to hear people admit to making mistakes in relationships and knowing that we have to cultivate them everyday!
We are still going to be on zooms a few more months. Please join us May 10th to hear about making good career choices.

March Update:

Al-Anon groups are a fellowship of relatives and friends of addicts who share their experience, strength, and hope in order to solve their common problems.
Chicktime Katy and Krause completed an amazing workshop Saturday, with the help of some very braze Al-Anon adults and Alateen youth. Our 5 speakers talked about not trying to be the adult but staying a kid, knowing addicts have to fix themselves, and knowing their rage has nothing to do with you and everything to do with their addiction, along with so many other great topics. They provided some literature for us to see if we could benefit from their programs. And then some awesome Krause girls stood up and said that the women had really spoken to them. Kimberly reminded us that we should never be afraid or embarrassed to share our story. Our strength in sharing could help others find their voice. Very powerful to realize that being a courageous woman could help someone else who isn’t as courageous, yet!

February 2021:

Chicktime Katy just finished a rousing game of Bingo with the girls of Krause. Thanks to our volunteer coordinator Quana for making it happen. So glad to have had three new volunteers this month, Nifisa, Karen and Madelyne. We are still virtual so we had Bingo on Zoom.
The girls won prizes, answered questions about themselves and had some cookies. We also left some Valentine’s cookies for the great staff at Krause. Great fun.
 Join us next month March 13th to hear Laurie talk to us about Addiction and Al-Ateen. Addiction not only affects the addict, but also all the people around them. Getting help can really ease the burden.

January Update:

Hello everyone! Chicktime Katy just completed our fist zoom workshop of the year with the Krause girls. Heather led a great workshop on the benefits and joys of poetry and journaling. She shared a very personal and moving piece of poetry about her life and that prompted several of the girls to share poetry about their lives. It was amazing!
Heather also talked about journaling. It has so many forms. It can be sentences, bullets or coloring balloons or boxes that symbolize the days of the month. She reminded us never to seek approval for our writing, that there is no right and wrong and that we shouldn’t judge our writing. It is a cathartic that we do for ourselves and our healing. See some of the examples she walked us all through.
Each Krause girl received a pencil and mini journal as well as some journal thought starter pages.
We were also so glad to welcome Larisa, Zoya and Norhan, three first time attendees to Chicktime Katy. We hope to see you and the rest of the volunteers a lot more this year.
Thanks for all the support.

December Update:

Krause got slimed! Chicktime Katy had our December event on Saturday and the girls made Grinch slime in honor of the season. Some of us tried to make our own slime and let’s just say it didn’t go as planned! To say it was a little sticky would be an under statement. The girls had fun and that is what counts.
Mark your calendars for January 9th when Heather Bowman will be hosting a virtual Journaling and Poetry workshop.


November Update:

We had a scheduling conflict this month so Chicktime Katy delivered some cute arts and crafts Thanksgiving animals for the Krause Girls to create. Don’t you just love googly eyes!

October Update:

Hello Chicktime Katy I hope everyone is keeping distance and wearing their masks. We had a great Microsoft Teams workshop today with Anime Voice Over Actor, Greg Ayres. He talked about his career, working a regular job until he bravely decided to follow his passion. He talked about Anime and how the process works and then he showed the girls some of his work. It was very well received. It even prompted the Art work seen below! Thanks so much to Greg and all our Chicktime Workshop leaders who take their time to provide vision to the Krause girls.

September Update:

Chicktime Katy had a successful Zoom meeting with the Krause girls. We made greeting cards. Quana from Krause said “they’ll be able to mail out the cards…so it was a great idea…to give them the opportunity to send a nice card.”
Chicktime is about sisterhood. When the leader of this workshop had an allergic reaction to a Shingles vaccine and was bed ridden for days, Maria totally stopped up to the plate and hosted the workshop. Thanks, Maria.

Chicktime Katy wanted to let the girls at Krause know we think about them outside of our workshops so Kimberly is dropping off these super cute fun dips – “We thought it would be fun to dip in and say hi! Love, Chicktime.”


August Update:

Chicktime Katy is so proud to have hosted its first Zoom Workshop today! We just listened to LaToya Moulton, author and motivational speaker and all around amazing woman. She really brought out a great response from the girls. They loved it. We all finished the sentence “I will arise and ….” and you should to. We are so fortunate that she already committed to an affirmation workshop for next year!
Don’t miss our next Zoom workshop on Sep 12th at 1:30pm. We will be making greeting cards.

July Update:

It’s Christmas in July at Krause! Today we were finally able to see our good friend and volunteer coordinator, Quana. See her vogueing below in front of the Krause sign with some of our hugs and kisses (chocolate, of course) in little boxes. She said her smile behind the mask was HUGE!
Each girl will receive a box in their Christmas goodie bag.
We are still practicing social distancing, so our August 8th workshop will be on-line. We will collect emails from those who want to participate, so more to come……
Do you have a great workshop idea that can be done on ZOOM or Microsoft Teams? Let Kimberly, Maria or Mimi know.

Chicktime Katy,
We hope you are staying safe and well! We will not be having a face to face workshop in May as we continue to work with Krause to ensure safety for the kids, staff and Chicktime volunteers! The good news is Chicktime Katy has stepped up to love the kids despite not being able to see each other face to face. This picture was taken by Krause sent with the following words of thanks….

~Krause can’t thank our Chicktime family enough! The donations you have provided during all this has really helped our girls to cope with all that’s going on. Thank you for all the support you continue to give us. ❤️

We will keep you posted when we will be resuming workshops, but until then we will continue to find ways to love the kids at Krause that doesn’t involve face to face contact. Feel free to message us if you have an idea or would like to send items off their Amazon wish list.

All our love,
Chicktime Katy Leadership Team

The health and safety of the girls and staff we serve at Krause Children’s Center, and the safety of our Chicktime Katy leaders and volunteers is very important to us, so we are suspending our on-site activities at Krause until the Covid-19 crisis has passed.

But even if we can’t show up, we would still like to show love to the young ladies at Krause Childrens Center. We put together a Wish List on Amazon of items the girls might enjoy. We also spoke to their activity director, and she also suggested items based on their planned activities (those items have high/highest priority on list).

Please take a few minutes to look over the list and decide if you are able to purchase any of these items. You can sort the list by price, or by priority, giving options for almost every budget. Your purchase will be shipped directly to Krause Childrens Center. And if you are an Amazon Prime member, it ships free!

We hope that during these challenging days, you will consider being the hands and feet of Jesus to these young ladies. We also pray you and your loved ones remain healthy and safe!


February Update:

Today’s workshop was a fun and energetic day of play as Karina led us in Comedy Sports Improv.

I felt like a kid back on the playground. Such a wonderful afternoon.

Thank you Karina, and also our great group of volunteers!

January Update:

Truly wonderful conversation and interaction with the girls at Krause Children’s Center.

Thank you Latrice for leading today’s workshop on Self-Care and Loving Ourselves, and also for the little goodie bags you provided each of the girls!

December Update:

Due to a last minute change in plans, Chicktime Katy celebrated Christmas at Krause with Minute-To-Win-It games.

Merry Christmas to all of our volunteers. We appreciate all you do!

November Update:


Chicktime Katy shared our blessings and multiplied our joys today as we made “Gratitude Pillowcases” with the young ladies at Krause Children’s Center.

See you next month!!

October Update:

Fun fall crafts with our volunteer crew and the amazing, creative young ladies at Krause!

The crayon craft was super fun, but what melted my heart was the great interaction happening throughout the workshop.

September Update:

The Karaoke Party was a #1 smash hit on the billboard charts! The girls at Krause are SO talented! Some of the Chicktime leaders not so much (🙋‍♀️). But everyone had a fabulous time!

August Update:

No matter the age, it’s important to make good decisions. Had a wonderful and informative time with the ladies of Krause House on making positive choices. Thank you Joy Lewis, for sharing your passion with us.

July Update:

Oh my goodness! We had a fabulous turnout for today’s workshop! Twenty! Yes, I said 20 incredible volunteers!!! Thank you to everyone who showed up and showed love! 💕💗💕

And I can’t rave enough about the fun and creative workshop on DIY makeup. Karina taught everyone how to make homemade sugar lip scrub, and skin highlighter. The girls loved learning how to apply it too.

There was a lot of great interaction between the Krause girls and Chicktime volunteers. Such an amazing afternoon!

June Update:

We had such fun today! Lots of laughs, lots of energy, and lots of love.

CeCe was an excellent instructor as she taught us some hip-hop moves. The last dance-off was awesome!

Please help us welcome Kimberly to the Leadership team at Chicktime Katy!  Kimberly is excited to help Chicktime Katy grow their chapter, serve the teens at Krause, and spread hope through Chicktime workshops!

Thank you Bee for believing in Chicktime Katy from the beginning! We appreciate the joy and passion you served with on the leadership team! We wish you much love as you pursue your education. May God continue to be your focus as you move on to a new season.
All our love,
Chicktime Katy

May Update:

Thank you to our workshop leader, Lora Williams!

Lora has committed her adult life to use her testimony to encourage teens to be who GOD has called them to be….and never letting the past define who they are! We were so blessed that she traveled all the way from San Marcos to lead our workshop.

April Update:

Today’s energetic group of volunteers Boot Scootin Boogied, Harlem Shuffled, Macarena’d, and danced their way down Copperhead Road with the girls at Krause Children’s Center. Huge thanks to Shelli for teaching us some new moves!

March Update:

We hosted a STEAM day activity to encourage the girls to use their creativity and the engineering design process. Each team was given 5 sheets of paper and tape to build a tower that could support the weight of a container of skittles. The girls were more than willing to accept the challenge! Every team was different and very creative. We hope that this sparked some excitement and interest in the feild and that they’ll be able to use these problem solving skills in the future.

Our next Chicktime event is April 13th! Save the date for another fun opportunity to volunteer with us!

February Update:

So very proud of our workshop leaders today! Katherine, Valerie, Allison, and Madison are the same age as the girls we serve at Krause. I love, love, love their caring hearts, and that they chose to spend their Saturday sharing a fun activity with girls less fortunate than themselves.

And making friendship bracelets was a wonderful way to engage the girls while chatting and creating!

We were also blessed by all of the volunteers who showed up and showed love! We had an amazing 17 volunteers today, not counting the Chicktime leaders!!! You ladies are the best! We can’t do Chicktime without our incredible volunteers. I hope you continue to come and show your love to Krause Children’s Center.

But my bigger dream is that we have enough support to eventually multiply into serving additional homes in the Houston area. If you believe in what we are accomplishing through Chicktime, and it is on your heart to take a more active role, send us a PM here, or email katy@chicktime.com to learn how.

There are so many more needs in the Houston area to be met through your love and generous spirits.

Sending our Valentines love to you all!

Sandi, Bee, and Maria ❤️🥰❤️

January Update:

We would like to extend a special thanks to our January workshop leader Latoya Moulton for sharing her story with us yesterday!


Many of us were not only moved by your words but we saw lives changed in that room.

What a way to start the year! We learned how to thrive as women by learning to leave the past behind us as Latoya challenged everyone in that room to ARISE and work towards setting and accomplishing our goals!

Can’t wait to see what next month will bring, Our next workshop is FEBRUARY 9th and we hope to see you all there!

December Update:

We had a holly jolly Christmas celebration today at Chicktime Katy.!

There were hot dogs and chips, juice and cookies, candy canes and ice cream floats.

There was karaoke and volleyball and Christmas trivia too! A big thank you to all of the very special volunteers who blessed the girls at Krause today. You shine as bright as the stars.

November Update:

Who is someone you look up to? We look up to all of our volunteers! Thanks again to everyone that came out and shared a little bit about themselves with the girls! Bee led a “Who am I” workshop on Saturday where we had the girls fill out a questionnaire and guess whose worksheet she was reading based on their responses. Some great questions were brought up and we learned lots about the girls we serve. Now for the next question, will we be seeing you next month?

October Update:

It was glitter madness at our Chicktime October workshop!

Despite the mess~ we created these wonderful  fall pumpkins that will be placed in the common area at Krause Children’s Center!

We did unanimously adopt a new rule….Glitter activities can only happen once a year! Ha!

Thank you Leslie for stepping up at the last minute to host our workshop.

September Update:

Our Chicktime Carnival was INCREDIBLE!

We aren’t sure what the girls liked most….the bouncy house, face painting, the games and candy prizes…or maybe it was the yummy hotdogs, lemonade, popcorn, snow cones , and cotton candy.

From the looks of joy on their faces we feel it’s safe to say they enjoyed ALL OF IT! Even the staff was surprised at such an “over the top” show of love to the Krause Children’s Center.

Chicktime was even able to bless them twice..the extra popcorn was donated for a treat at their movie night that same day.

And our amazing group of volunteers had just as much fun!

In fact we all were having so much fun, we forgot to take pictures until the very end.

Come be a blessing ! We will be back next month!

August Update:

You’re never too old to enjoy a good game of kickball!

The Krause girls really got into the spirit of the game!

Thanks to Ms Judy for her energetic leadership today, and to all of the fantastic volunteers who spent their afternoon “kickin’ it” at Chicktime. You’re all winners!!!

July Update:

We are smiling because our July Chicktime Workshop was pure gold!!

We learned about the Japanese art of Kintsugi….

Transforming from broken to beautiful…..

Our fantastic group of volunteers had a wonderful time engaging with the girls as we worked on our art!

Some days are PURE GOLD!!

June Update:

We think we all feel a little wiser after today’s workshop on Making Good Decisions. Thank you to our activity leader, Joy, for teaching us to better evaluate our choices.

May Update:

Once again, Mr. Lee educated and entertained the girls at Krause by teaching more outdoor survival skills.

Emergency shelter, fire building, and navigating without a compass were demonstrated.

And the girls enjoyed a traditional outdoor snack of trail mix!

Join us next month for more fun!

April Update:

Yee-haw we had a fun time at our April Country Western Line Dancing workshop!

Volunteers and the teens who live at Krause Children’s Center had a little Boot Scootin Boogie Fun!!

Big thanks to Shelli for teach us C & W line dancing!

Who knew it could be so much fun and a great workout!

Hope to see everyone next month!

March Update:

Today we got to enjoy the beautiful weather as we listened to our guest speaker share wilderness survival tips.

Lee was informative as well as entertaining as he taught us the “Rules of 3” and the “Rules of 4”, and even demonstrated how to safely drink water from a ditch! ?

We also had a FABULOUS group of volunteers! I think we are ready to survive to zombie apocalypse!

January Update:

Many, many thanks to our awesome Zumba instructors, Gisela and Lyda! You ladies made this such a fun and inspiring afternoon for the girls at Krause and our Chicktime volunteers! Your love of dance and Zumba is obvious in every move. Thank you again for a fabulous afternoon!

January Update:

We got our game faces on and came ready to play board games with the kids at Krause Children’s Home!

Bringing joy to these kids is our mission….and it was accomplished today!

Till next month…Stay warm and consider helping us change the world!

December Update: 


What an amazing Chicktime December! We decorated and ate cupcakes, drank hot cocoa, shot some hoops, made beautiful pens for the Krause staff, and hung out with some really cool girls.

A big thank you to Ms. Celia Diaz for sharing with us her passion for craft making and volunteerism. She showed the girls how to take a regular pen and convert it into a beautiful piece of art using only tape and pipe cleaners.

Another big thank you to Ms. Cynthia ( HEB on Pin Oak and I-10) for bringing cupcakes, icing, and sprinkles! Because no one ever has a bad day when cupcakes are involved.

Last, but not least, thank you to our committed and new volunteers that came to help and share laughs with the Krause youth. They braved the cold weather and were quick to help when our activity location was changed last minute. Thank you for all being flexible and proactive.

Okay….last one~ Thank you Krause Children’s Center for allowing us in your home every month. It has been a wonderful 3 years and we are excited to continue to come for many more!

Chicktime Katy,

We have the unique opportunity to visit and learn more about the awesome place we bring Chicktime workshops  from month to month!

Krause is hosting an OPEN HOUSE and hopes that each of us will stop by!

Please click here and find out more about it!

We will be there and hope you will be too!

November Update:

We had such a fun time making paper bead bracelets!

A huge thanks to our activity leaders ~

Imicuk Loyuk and Emmanuel Escot!!! And of course all of our awesome volunteers!

Imicuk thank you for sharing about how you discovered your creative side through paper bead making and how creating the paper beads brings you peace and joy!

ove pic 3

Please take a look at the Krause girls beautiful creations!

Hope to see you next month at our Christmas Party!

October Update:

Chicktime Katy October was FABULOUS!! Such enthusiasm and energy at Krause!

Thank you again to Karen, Cynthia, and Gisela for leading the girls in Zumba. Ya’ll were incredible!


September Update:

Thank you to all the awesome volunteers who came out to make our

Carnival such a success!!

Here are just a few of the pictures from this incredible workshop!!

There was a lot to EAT!!!

There was a lot of FUN!

A lot of LAUGHTER!!

Did we say FUN and LAUGHTER?

Quote of the day from one of the girls at Krause~

“Thank you! We really needed this!”

And….that’s why we do it!

Join us next month!

August Update:

Today, we were amazed by the amazing support from our Katy, TX community! We showed our Krause youth that they matter and that they are not forgotten.

Ms. Lisa led the Spa Day activity with passion! She is a Mary Kay consultant that is passionate about skincare and empowering women. Each girl was able to receive a charcoal facial mask, skin moisturizer, manicure, and makeup! The snacks were yummy too!

This wonderful day of pampering our girls would not have been possible without the help of Lisa and our dedicated volunteers!


July Update:

It’s exciting to be part of the Chicktime Movement in Katy, Texas!!

The “Feeling” was great with Emoji Bingo !!

Thank you to all of our volunteers who made this such a fun day for the girls!

We are planning Chicktime August and can’t wait to see you all next month!!

June Update:

We had such a wonderful time with our Krause girls this past Saturday! Dayana led her activity with so much passion. We learned about the different densities that every day liquids have. These liquids included blue Gatorade, cranberry juice, and mango juice.

Thank you to all of our volunteers for helping Dayana with the activity and dedicating their time to the girls! And a HUGE thanks to Dayana for sharing her passion of being a Chemist!

See you all next month!


May Update:

This month, we had a crafts day with the girls! We told the girls it was going to be a relaxed creative time and they really enjoyed it!

The first group said it was nice and they liked the peace and quiet.
Group 2 was funny and when we told them it was crafts day, they ran to get paper like a bunch of cattle. In group 3, we saw a girl make origami and she made a crane!!
They made letters and we brought stickers for them so they had a blast.
Group 4 was the silliest and there were tons of girls on that team, We made china dolls with them <3


April Update:

We had such a great time playing Witz & Wagers with our volunteers and the Krause youth! It was definitely a close competition of making very educated guesses. Like guessing how fast a domestic cat can run or guessing how many grooves a quarter has!

We LOVE our volunteers. Without them, game day would have not be the huge success that it was. Special shout out to our volunteers from Kempner High School’s ROTC program for their huge help and positive energy.

P.S. Go Purple Team!!!!


March Update:

We had such a fun time with the Krause youth this past Saturday! Sandi, our activity leader for this month, led a passion-filled activity on starting our own bullet journal. This activity allowed us to have so much time to get to know the girls and their creativity.

Thank you to all of our volunteers who were able to make it and to Sandi for leading this fun activity! Check out the pictures!

Chicktime was so honored to be the volunteers for the Krause Children’s Center Red Ball Gala held at the Hemi Hideout!

Our volunteers did such a wonderful job representing Chicktime and Krause. Thank you to everyone that helped!

Join us as we make bullet point journals at Chicktime March!

February Update:

We celebrated Valentine’s day with friendships and self-love. Because it is sometimes difficult to see our own inner and outer beauty, we made Love Wheels. The wheels were paper plates and each girl taped a plate to their back. Then, we went around writing nice comments about each other. It wasn’t until the end that we were able to remove the love wheel from our backs to see all of the sweet things our friends had to say about us! After this, the girls and the volunteers had the opportunity to decorate their Love Wheel and they were encouraged to keep it somewhere where they can remind themselves how awesome and beautiful they are.


January Update:

We had such a wonderful time strutin’ our dance moves! The girls became the Zumba instructor if they were tapped on the shoulder. It was so great to see their confidence shine through as they freestyled their moves!

A big thanks to our wonderful volunteers and our energetic Zumba instructor, Dayana. Chicktime is alive because of you all.


December Update:

We had such a wonderful Christmas party with the Krause girls. We were able to hang out as a big family by decorating cupcakes, drinking hot cocoa, playing board games, and enjoying each others company!

Thank you HEB and our wonderful volunteers for helping make this event a success!

November Update:

We had such an amazing time (as always) with our Krause youth this November! Our activity leaders, Charles and Bianca, led with so much passion.

Charles led an activity in team building through games. Charles is passionate about playing games and working together as a team. There were so many giggles and bright faces that our cheeks had already began to hurt during the first group!

Bianca led an activity that consisted in making Japanese dolls by folding gorgeous patterned paper. As always, the girls showed their beautiful art and creativity!

Thank you to the activity leaders and for the volunteers who made this possible. And a big shout out to the Key Club high school group that helped tremendously!



October Updates:

The month of October brought out the creative side of our Krause youth! The girls created collages and prayer boards from crafty paper and magazines. We were blown away by their creativity and how they poured their heart out through their work!

This exciting day could not have been made possible without the help of our activity leader an our volunteers who continue to show their love and commitment to the Krause youth. Thank you!

Hello fellow Chicktimers!

Next weekend we will be hosting our monthly Chicktime event! We will be having a Basketball Clinic in the gym and creating Prayer Boards with the girls. Come join us on Saturday October 8th from 1 to 3:30 PM for an afternoon filled with fun!!


REMINDER: Carnival Day is today!!!

There will be a bouncy house, hot dogs, pie facing, henna, popcorn, and many carnival games! You can still come out to volunteer.

***If you are coming to the carnival and have a portable table, could you please bring it? Thank you.



August Update:


The Chicktime event for August is today at 1:00 pm! Instead of blanket volleyball we will be having our very own MINI Olympics!

DRESS CODE: No shorts or sleeveless shirts (We just wear pants and our Chicktime T-shirt)

We are back next Saturday!!

On August 13th from 1 to 3:30 pm, we will be bringing our own little version of the Olympics to Chicktime by playing some Blanket Volleyball! Not only that, but we have another thought-provoking activity planned out, involving creating personal mission statements.

Please join us next Saturday for a fun afternoon! We look forward to seeing you all there!



July Update:

Happy Friday from our volunteer team!!

We would like to remind you all that our fun interactive volunteer events with the Krause Residential’s girls take place on the second Saturday of every month. Here’s an early reminder to join our volunteers for next month’s event taking place on August 13th.

Have a great weekend everyone!!

Come join us for this month’s Chicktime event taking place next Saturday at the Krause Center from 1 pm to 3:30 pm!

We will be taking part in Laughter Yoga- a great joyful activity that will leave everyone feeling great. Can’t wait to see you all there!!


We welcomed the upcoming summer by getting our glam on!!
Thanks to our amazing glam team, we were able to do some wonderful facials and masks. We had 100% participation and the girls enjoyed it so much, they even took part in the gym activity with their face masks still on!

We also enjoyed some great games of Wits and Wagers and had many laughs and a great time bonding.

A huge thank you to our extraordinary volunteers and glam squad for helping us have a fantastic Saturday!

May1 May2 may3 May4

We had a blast mingling with the Krause youth and playing board games! This Chicktime was a rare occasion where we only had one activity and all of our wonderful volunteers were together in one room!

We played ‘Say Anything!’ and ‘Guesstures’! We all shared our passion of being in community and staying silly no matter your age.

We want to thank all of our caring volunteers and Charles Tallent for bringing the board games!

Join us! We will be having an open gym and interacting with the girls!
1:00pm- 3:30pm
Krause Children’s Center
25752 Kingsland Blvd, Katy, TX 77494

March Highlights:


It is so wonderful to have the opportunity to be engaged in our great community of Katy, Tx! Thank you to our committed volunteers and activity leaders. Dr. Sanchez and Bianca showed their passions through their fun activities!


Thank you!!

March 2
March 1

Join us Today! We will learn communication skills with Dr. Sanchez and we will be in the gym playing board games and volleyball!

Photo Credit: Aldo Mayorga (big thanks for providing us with this beautiful picture of this purple flower!)flower march

February Highlights:

We had an amazing time for the month of February! We spread the love and shared the passion through two fun activities! Bianca did a wonderful job in giving the girls a space to be creative by also saying “OWL always love you” with a cute owl craft! Dr. Sanchez facilitated a fun activity where the girls learned etiquette rules and how to present themselves in a loving way through communication and physical presentation. We are so thankful for all our volunteers that showed up and for our passionate activity leaders that designed and facilitated their activities around something they were passionate about!




We are so excited for our annual Christmas Party! Most of these girls have never been part of a Christmas Party, and we want to CHANGE that!

Bring your friends, the neighbors, and/or your co-workers!

UPDATe Christmas 2015

It has ONLY been a week and last Saturday is still vivid in our memory! We had an absolutely wonderful time with our Krause Youth!!!

Lorena and Charles shared their passion of enjoying the company of others (even if you are an introvert!!). We are meant to socialize, and regardless of what we have heard about other’s past, what they look like, and what we think we know about them, we find out how similar we all are and how cool people are once we actually take the time to get to know them! We had fun ice breakers, board games, volleyball, popcorn, and chips!

Join us next month for our Christmas Party!! Save the Date: 12/12/2015

This Saturday, Nov. 14th, is all about being together and enjoying each other’s presence! Play volleyball, board games, or have a nice chat with the Krause youth and other passionate volunteers!

We would LOVE to be blessed with your presence this Saturday!

*please message us if you have any questions or if you would like to bring snacks/beverages!

NOV 2015

Hello to all of our wonderful Chicktime supporters/cheerleaders, volunteers, and co-leaders! We had a blast last Saturday with our two activity leaders: Sandi and Miss Houston 2015, Chyna Wheatley. This weekend was all about the ARTS!

Sandi introduced us to Zentangle! A therapeutic art style/game that allows us to be free and to unwind.

Chyna created an activity where the girls were able to use a creative outlet to discover their true identity by decorating cut-out hands with markers, crayons, etc. using positive words that best describe themselves.

We want to thank Sandi and Chyna for being such great role models for these young girls, and for creating & sharing such fun activities that were centered around their passion. Check out the pictures!

Join us next Saturday! We will be making Identity boards with Miss Houston 2015, Chyna Wheatley and Zentangle with Sandi! Come and hang out with our beautiful Krause girls!


Carnival Day 2015 was a wonderful success!

Although we had high hopes that we would be outside this year, we were blessed with so much rain the day before, so we had our Carnival inside! Thanks to Target and our volunteers who helped make this a special event, the Krause youth was able to experience a safe environment to be a kid and share laughs with our Chicktime volunteers! Our booths consisted of : popcorn machine, candy bar, candy apples, relay race, tattoos, face painting, plinko, duck pond, target toss, ice cream making, target shooting, pie throwing, picture find game, volleyball, karaoke, cupcake decorating, and we had a bouncy castle!

Here are pictures of our Carnival Day 2015! (before the girls arrived!)


Come on Y’all, It’s Carnival Time!! Join us!

We will be meeting for happy hour/coffee after Chicktime this
Saturday, August 8th, to talk about the carnival and to see what great ideas you all have! Plus, we can all get to know each other a little more! Chicktime will be at 1:00 pm and the happy hour/coffee get together will be around 3:45 PM.

Make sure to RSVP to our Carnival event so that I am able to touch base with everyone interested in going! You can RSVP by simply finding the event in our “events” tab and click on “going”. Please contact me if you have any fun ideas!

carnival 2015 invite

What innovative and fun activities we had with the Krause youth this past Saturday!

Our two activity leaders were: Kanika and Karla.

Kanika is a engineering student at Texas A&M University. She wanted to share her passion and a bit of her life as an international student. She prepared an engineering activity for the girls that called for marshmallows and straws! The task was to group up in teams and work together to build the highest tower with just those two items! The girls were both fascinated by how resilient Kanika has been without having her family here and the fun activity itself.

Karla completed her second time as an activity leader here at Chicktime!! She brought the girls ZUMBA. Not only is Karla an extremely sweet person, but she has stamina when it comes to her passion of dancing. The girls love the art of self-expression and they had a great time learning the dance moves. Towards the end, it was the girls’ chance to teach us some of their dance moves! We learned how to “whip” and “nae-nae”.

We want to thank our amazing activity leaders for sharing their passions and time with the Krause youth. Thank you to all of our caring volunteers that came out this month.

Join us!!!


Here are some pictures from our volunteer fair at Maud Smith Marks Branch Library at their “Be a Hero…volunteer!” in Katy, TX.

As we come mid year of this wonderful year of 2015, we would like to reflect on the amazing people and resources that God has put in our lives and the lives of our Krause youth. We are so thankful to be received with excitement and with so much respect by our Krause youth month after month. It is because of them why we have this burning passion in us to organize these fun activities with so much love and it is so wonderful when our effort is appreciated.

July was a special month. We were given the opportunity to let go of one of our activities and to share the space with other volunteers who are also very eager to share time with the Krause youth. We had only one activity this month and it rocked! We had Warrant Officer (WO) Adan Jaimes come and talk to the girls about life in the military. His story was so special because we learned about many misconceptions that we all think about the military that are not true. Who knew that not everyone who is in the military is fighting in the front line? (Okay, maybe some of you smart people knew that…but I’m sure you would have learned at least one new thing!) The girls were so engaged and asked very good questions. With each group of girls, the conversation was always different! It all depended on the interest of the girls and of their unique questions. Thank you Anabel and Adan for sharing your story. You are both an inspiration and a great model for youth and adults everywhere! Thank you to all of our volunteers that came and were such great listeners! We love you guys very much.


To give back to these wonderful girls and to give them a worry-free environment, we will be hosting a carnival for them on September 12th! We will have carnival snacks, carnival games, face painting, and so much more! Each booth is led by volunteers like you!! Please let us know if you are interested in contributing to this big event!! Contact Lorena at loreavi22@yahoo.com or call/text at 832.866.5601

carnival 2015 invite

Meet Warrant Officer (WO) Adan Jaimes!!

military small

We had another incredible Saturday with the Krause youth and our amazing volunteers! Sarah and Bethany led the Wits and Wagers activity and The Karla Hernandez team led the Guatemalan coloring pages.  Sarah and Bethany explained how an important part of their family dynamic games are. It allows them to spend time together and it teaches them how to work as a team. Karla shared with the girls about her Guatemalan roots and she shared about her success story about transitioning to the United States. The girls asked many questions and were extremely curious about her experiences. Both activities were inspiring and lots of fun!

Thank you to our activity leaders for leading with passion and to our caring volunteers!

Join in the fun!!

June first

Thank you to this wonderful group of girls for dedicating their time to our Krause youth! We had fun making hair accessories and competing in tissue paper dress-making relay race! We are so grateful to have passionate activity leaders and dedicated volunteers!IMG_5790

The invite for June 13th is coming soon!!

We had an amazing time at the Krause Children’s Center this month! We had an obstacle relay race, led by Anabel and Adan, and we had a competitive game of guesstures, led by Charles! Through our activity leader’s passion the girls participated with eagerness and kindness.

As always, I want to thank all of our caring volunteers that give so much more than just their time to our Krause youth. Thank you also to Charles, Anabel, and Adan for organizing such fun activities!

Join us next month, May 9th! I hope we all can say yes to the dress…!