Meet The Leaders


Kimberly Lewis
Chicktime Katy Managing Leader
Why I serve a leadership role with Chicktime:
Chicktime is an organization that came to me, while looking for a outreach ministry for my church. It is dear to my heart to encourage and empower the live’s of young women. As a single mother of four children, of different personalities, I am learning how to  bring out the essence and gifts of each one.  As I was growing up, I did not feel that I have the nurturing of my mother or father, so I looked to find acceptance from anyone around. Although I made some bad choices, I realized that is important to have love and support encompassing you.  Therefore, it is important for me to bring that love and involvement to these young ladies at the Krausse house. Is my pleasure to serve in the community to uplift their spirits, allowing them to know and realize when they are given an opportunity…try, try, and try again, to be the best YOU, there is; as well as to strive for their passions, no matter the circumstances they may have dealt with in there past.
My passions and gifts:
I am passionate about people.  Every job I ever had, I wanted to  make sure it directly involved customer  service.  I love to see smiling faces and if by chance someone isn’t smiling, I love to give them a reason to.  I am also a cosmetologist in the Katy area and I am passionate about healthy hair and educating my clients about home care.  My gift is being an encourager and hospitality.  I serve on the hospitality team within my church.  I want people to feel welcomed and to be their individual selves at all times. Ultimately, to see themselves, the way God sees them.
Hobbies and Interests:
I have such an array of hobbies and interests, such as volleyball, basketball, karaoke, and my most leisure is shopping, especially for those who don’t like to shop. When someone phones me to say, Kimberly I need an outfit for whatever the occasion, my face just brightens up and I go find one, but not only that I take pride in my shopping on a budget.  I love deals. I love to put outfits together that bring out the personality of each individual. 
Maria Gonzales
Chicktime Katy Co-Leader


Why I serve a leadership role with Chicktime:
I became involved with Chicktime when I was in high school through my church, I instantly knew that this was a place I wanted to grow and serve. As a victim of sexual abuse myself I know first hand how much healing a passion or hobby can bring to their hearts. Throughout the years I have seen many faces come and go through the Krause program and I feel blessed to be a part of their time of healing. I know how important it is for these girls to have someone consistent in their lives and Chicktime reminds these girls month after month that they are valuable. My hope is to see this program grow and continue to bring hope to these girls and maybe even introduce them to new passions that they will carry on into their lives.


My passions and gifts:
My passion for serving others has lead me to step up as a leader in many organizations. I would consider one of my gifts to be my willingness to learn and challenge myself. I have come to love public speaking and taking on leadership roles wherever I am needed.  You never know where your passions and hard work will lead you.


Hobbies and Interests:
I have a passion for music, I play three instruments and enjoy singing my heart out to my pups at home. I am in school pursuing a degree in Chemical Engineering and hope to work in the Space Industry when I graduate. One of my greatest accomplishments to this day would be my participation on a design team that will be sending a tool into space in Spring of 2019! I’d like my life to be a reminder to these girls that no matter where you come from your passions can take you anywhere in this world and beyond.
Mimi Harris
Chicktime Katy Chapter Co-Leader
Why I serve a leadership role with Chicktime:
I have been really blessed in life.  I had 2 parents and 2 grandmothers who lived with us.  So, 4 adult role models, plus a great older brother and sister, in a one bathroom house, BTW.  I learned to talk at two!  Armadillo was one of my first words because my grandmothers would always read me an ABC book and A was for Armadillo!   So, even though I am not a Texan by birth, I am pretty sure I was meant to be here!  I met my spouse, Kent, very late in life and we were unable to have children.  I knew I had to do something to get involved in the community because I had so much love to share with kids. I found Chicktime on Volunteer Match and I was hooked.  I look so forward to seeing the girls each month and trying to be there for them the way that people have been there for me.   From Crayon Art, to how to take care of yourself, to Comedy Sportz, I have had so much fun with the women of Chicktime and the girls we serve.  I look forward to the 2nd Saturday of every month.
My passions and gifts:
  I am the volunteer board member and Treasurer of Family Hope in Fulshear.  It is an organization that works to transform hurting people into healthy families.  We have fed thousands of people through our monthly food give-a-way, provided 1,000 pairs of shoes and back packs for back to school and have taught some really interesting parenting classes.  So many need our help and I enjoy being there for my community.  I love math – Algebra anyone!  I love to tutor people for free and help them see the fun of math.  I am super organized.  Let me come over and help you move or spring clean your closets.  Got a problem?  Tell me.  I am great at keeping secrets and can also help you talk out the pros and cons.  I have a passion for arts and crafts.  I am not really good at it but love to do it.  Need to get all your pictures in a scrapbook, call me!
Hobbies and Interests:
 My husband, Kent, and I walk our German Shepherd, Ginger, twice a day.  We love to walk and bike around the paths and lakes in Cinco Ranch.  I enjoy reading murder mysteries and trying to figure out who done it!  My brother, sister and I take an annual sibling trip, no spouses allowed.  We go to all the National Parks my parents wanted us to go to as children, when all we wanted to do was go to amusement parks or the beach!  We hike, commune with nature and just get a new lease on life. Our parents are both deceased and we promised them we would stay good friends.  Kent and I also love board games and cards – bunco, bridge, sequence, dominoes, you name it, we love to play it. Come over some Friday for some healthy competition and desert.   I also enjoy signing and dancing around my house – no talent here, but it really makes me happy.
Chicktime Katy:
Volunteer Coordinator- Kimberly
Facebook /Instagram Manager-Mimi
Website Monitor-Maria
Calendar Manager- Maria
Treasurer- Kimberly
Rising Managing Leader- Maria