Keepsake Box Decorating!

April Update:

We had an amazing time with the girls at Bokenkamp today.

They colored in their very own coloring books and enjoyed snacks and drinks generously donated by H-E-B. We then went outside for the Easter Egg Hunt and the girls cracked cascarones on eachother! They had an absolute blast and we volunteers just LOVED seeing them have a good time! It was such a blessing to see and touched our hearts so much ♡

Another great thing that happened today was that we were also able to celebrate with the boys from Bokenkamp to participate in their very own celebration – they cracked cascarones and enjoyed bags of candy generously donated by Beth and her co-workers!

Thanks to all our volunteers for helping us make today special! Here are some pics for you to enjoy. God bless each and everyone during the Easter Season and Holy Week.