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September Update:

Thank you Lori Rhodes, Chicktime’s amazing founder, for providing the September Workshop for Chicktime Bulverde. Our teens and volunteers had a great time getting their “creative juices” flowing and designed beautiful Floral Arrangements. It was a great opportunity to introduce Floral Design as a possible career choice for them in the near future. I can see this as a great possibility for several of them.
Before sending them back to their houses, the teens enjoyed a lunch consisting of: Sheppard’s Pie, buttered corn, garlic sticks, and ice cream. There were enough leftovers for them to enjoy it for supper, too.
A big Thank you for our volunteers. This could not be possible without your help and contributions: Elizabelth Hepp, Melissa Jorwiak, Celcily Montanez, and the two 2021 Air Force Academy Grads stationed at Randolph Air Force Base. Cole and Charles, you bring smiles and laughter to the teens. It is appreciated!

September Update:

Chicktime Katy blessed the staff at Hope Impacts with a beautiful care package this month!
They provide supper and shower for the homeless, every Tuesday and Thursday. All through week, they’re able to come in, if they need a snack, blankets, toiletries, an emergency shower…or if they just need to see a friendly face.
Their jobs are so important and they needed to know it!!

September Update:

Our September activity was to connect with Safehaven staff, discuss ways Chicktime Fort Worth can support them(Jana demonstrated parentguidance.org, a parenting website that provides free resources to parents to Amanda, Director of the SafeLiving Housing program) and to give them some sweet treats! They work so hard and we want them to know we appreciate what they do for our community!

September Update:

Special thanks to workshop leader, Daniele, for teaching us that self care is not selfish, but neccesary!

September Update:

Popcorn Party at My Sister’s Place…

We hope the kids enjoy the Yummy workshop.

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The news for our chapter is that we don’t have a leader. We have women on the roster ready to volunteer, but no one to lead us. If you have ever contemplated where you fit in on the issue of child abuse, we encourage you to act now. The simplest solution is to join our chapter and add your name to the list of women ready to volunteer when the chapter is up and running! The more difficult solution is to go FIRST and contact us about establishing and leading this chapter.


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