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Have you ever noticed a need in your community and wondered why it is that nobody has done something to fill that need yet? What if that reason is because that somebody is YOU! Chicktime Lancaster is currently looking for a Managing Chapter Leader and 2 Co-Leaders to help lead the movement in your community! We encourage you to think about your passions, your skills, your talents, and how you could use to them to make a child’s world just a little bit better and contact Ashley at admin@chicktime.com if you feel called to take charge!

April Update:

This month, we had 18 girls attend Chicktime from the children’s home! We made journals using notebooks, scrapbook paper, jewels , glitter, etc.

We had SO much fun and can’t wait for next month’s workshop! We hope that see YOU there!

*** Chicktime Lancaster will not meet in the month of September. We look forward to seeing you in October! ***


Chicktime Lancaster is proud to announce that we will be back in action this fall and we can’t wait to get back to the Lancaster Children’s Home with Chicktime September! We will be making vision boards with the children and we would love for YOU to join us! If you are interested in taking a co-leadership role or leading one of monthly workshops, please email Arron ASAP!


We apologize ladies but we have had to cancel our May workshop due to a scheduling conflict but we have every intention of coming back in June, ready to serve the kids of the Lancaster Children’s Home! Thank you for understanding!



Calling all board gamers. Remember laying around grandma’s house or a long Saturday afternoon with friends playing board games growing up? Let’s create great memories for the kiddos growing up at the Lancaster Children’s Home. Join us for fun, laughter, and possibly new connections and memories to last a lifetime!


Contact: Arron Lazarski     luckytobeme27@gmail.com

Chicktime will not meet this month .We look forward to

seeing you on March 19th from 10am-12pm.

Chicktime Lancaster, kicked off 2016 by creating mosaic calendars with the

girls .Each girl was able to show off her artistic abilities by creating a

different design for each month. The girls loved being able to create

something they could use at school, and help keep them organized.

Our next event is scheduled on April 18 from 10-12.

I hope to see you there. If you have any questions feel

free to contact me at chicktimelancastersc@gmail.com


Thanks to Jasmine for leading our Chicktime Chapter this month. We started

with a team building activity which allowed the girls to spend some time

working on problem solving skills. They had to work together to decide who

was going to stay on the boat and why. Afterward we spent time challenging

each other to games of BINGO!! The girls seemed to really enjoy themselves.

It also was a    pleasure having Tina and Megan join us this month.

It is always nice to have fresh faces join the team!!

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Save the date for March 21. We will meet at the Lancaster

Girls Home from 10am-12 pm. We would love to have you

join us. We will be celebrating Easter and doing some fun spring crafts.

Hope to see you there!!!

This month we created clipboards with the girls. It was very nice seeing all of

their creativity and personality put into their designs. This was a project that

the girls will be able to keep forever. It is always such a blessing to spend time

with each of them.

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Join us Feb 28th at the Lancaster Girl’s Home from 10am-12pm.

We will be discussing self-esteem and how we look at ourselves.

We will have an activity that gives us the opportunity to list positive

attributes of ourselves and then we spend time giving compliments

to each other.



This month we helped each of the girls create a vision board. The girls took

this very seriously and really enjoyed searching for pictures that spoke to

them about future goals . It is such a blessing to see each of them put

their heart on paper and be able to encourage them to keep working

toward those goals everyday.

What a blast we had this month!! We started out by helping the girls paint their nails. This is always such a fun way to spend time and get to know the girls better. Afterwards we helped each girl make homemade ice cream and served it on brownies. Each girl was given the recipe and allowed to measure out all the ingredients themselves. The girls had a great time with this activity and were very excited to see their ice cream turn out! Thanks to Melissa Woelffer and family for providing the brownies. Also, I would like to send a warm welcome to Keyanna and Jasmine. It was great having you join us this month!!



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What an awesome time we had with girls this past month. Our event consisted of helping the girls make friendship bracelets. They were able to pick the

colors they wanted their bracelet to be and had a blast making them! It was really nice to see some of the bonds that are being made between the girls

and the  volunteers. It is always such a blessing to see a smile on their face when they know we are coming! We would love to have some more volunteers

so if you are interested or you know someone who is, please tell them about us!!

The Chicktime Event for April was canceled due to a scheduling conflict with the Children’s Home. We will have our next meeting in May.

Please check the calendar for more details!

We had a great time with the girls this month. We spent time helping them decorate journals. We used scrapbooking paper along with some meaningful quotes and a variety of fun decorations. Each girl was able to personalize her own journal that she can use to reflect on her thoughts. We send out a big thank you to all the volunteers who joined us this month. It was nice to have some new volunteers as well as have some returning volunteers come back. We are looking forward to a fun filled event in April. We hope to see you there.


Arron Lazarski and Lindsay All

Arron Lazarski and Lindsay All


Chicktime Lancaster is under the new leadership of Chapter Leader Arron Lazarski and Co-Leader Lindsay All. Workshop leaders are ready to bring activities to the kids in March, April, and May. We are looking for women in the local community to bring workshops and activities to the kids through the summer, fall, and winter months so please contact us and share  your ideas. For more information, please contact Arron at chicktimelancastersc@gmail.com

For August we will be baking several different kinds of cookies as well as decorate compotion notebooks so the girls have very unique school supplies. We will be using craft paper, markers, ribbon, gliter, etc. We will be going August 10 from 10am-12pm. Hope to see you there!


July Highlights

We had an amazing time playing fun games and spending time with the girls. The girls picked the games they wanted to play and broke off into groups to get started. We played a number of games and had a great time.

June News:    We had an amazing time with these girls!  We went in and baked and decorted cookies with them as they laughed and sang.  We are so suprised at how these girls have opened up and now welcome us with open arms.  There was a few girls that were very stand offish the first itme we came in and didn’t want to participate but now talks to us the whole time we are there and sugests things for next time.  They look forward to us coming every month and they have started giving  us nicknames.  We are truley blessed to have the opportunity to share some joy with the girls.





August Update:  We were unable to go into the Children’s Home this month due to scheduling issues.

We will be having an awesome time playing board games and card games at the Children’s home on July 13th from 10am-12pm.  We have several different games we are planning on playing.  The girls are looking forward to having  fun in July.


June Highlights

We had an amazing time with the girls this month.  We helped them make scrapbooks.  They each had the chance to create pages that showed their very own personality and pages that helped them remember family members.  They loved scrapbooking so much they didn’t want  it to end.

On June 15th we will be meeting at the Lancaster Children’s Home to scrapbook with the girls! We are excited and hope you will join us for this event from 10am-12pm.


May Highlights

In May we had our first event at the Lancaster Children’s Home and it was a huge success!! We did manicures for the girls, gave haircuts and showed them how to style their hair!


We are on track for our launch of Chicktime Lancaster on May 25th!  For our first event we will be doing manicures with the girls at the Lancaster Children’s Home.


There is a need for the Children’s Home to have exact numbers of who is coming.  Please register for this event by clicking here to go to the registration page or go to this event on the Chicktime calendar.


We are excited to announce the official launch of Chicktime Lancaster on May 25th!  For our first event we will be doing manicures with the girls at the Lancaster Children’s Home.

Please visit the Chicktime calendar for more details!