Leadership Development



The resources located in this section are great for recruiting new members, encouraging monthly leaders to commit to lead your Chicktime events, and understanding the financial aspects of Chicktime.


Chicktime encourages all leaders to grow their leadership skills and we include resources here. Our favorite being the Chicktime National Conference (held each summer, typically in June) open to current leaders. Space is limited to 2 leaders per chapter. Please see the link for details.


The absolute hands down BEST leadership training happens when leaders attend OTHER chapter’s Chicktime events. The conversations, wisdom, and new ideas that emerge will take your breath away and inspire you in ways you never dreamed. Check the chicktime.com calendar and find an event you can attend. Contact the leader in advance and let her know you are coming… and definitely invite her to share a cup of coffee or lunch afterwards!!


Discover Chicktime is available on the 3rd weekend of almost every month. We invite anyone who is interested in Chicktime Leadership to spend the weekend with us in the Texas Hill Country (Just north of San Antonio). For more information, click here. To register, email info@chicktime.com.


Contact info@chicktime.com for more information.