Talking Points


All Chapter Leaders truly need to understand the basic facts of the Chicktime vision, the Chicktime model, and the mission of the organization. Included here is a basic ‘talking points’ guide.


To explain the heartbeat of what Chicktime is to your friends, family, and local community, study these talking points, memorize them, and share, share share your knowledge!!


    • Chicktime is a volunteer organization with 25+ chapters in the US and one international chapter!
    • Chicktime is currently partnering with 25+ children’s homes/shelters/RTC’s caring for the abused and neglected members of our society.


    • Chicktime is based on the ‘bunco concept’… only 12 monthly workshop leaders are needed each year and everyone else (the general membership) gets to just show up and play (until it is their turn to lead… but that is truly where the richest blessings are!)


    • Chicktime believes that helping others brings healing to the giver, that is why we provide opportunities for the children in homes to serve. For example, we bring bulk rice and beans and help the children package them for local food banks (then we deliver them in the name of the home), we bring flower pots for the children to paint and then we deliver them, filled with plants to local nursing homes, we help children collect items to send to soldiers oversees… We do the shipping with a note about the children’s home (we like to slip in handmade cards the children create… during Chicktime of course!) and many many more ideas!!!


    • Chicktime exists to bring the tangible love of God to His children through sharing our time and talents with children living in centers and ‘homes’. We model this lifestyle in order to encourage the kids to develop their passions and gifts to bring joy and hope to others. With that said, we welcome women of all faiths or no faith to serve with us as love is a universal language!


    • Because Chicktime Chapters have a different leader each month’s activity, the programming is never boring and no one ever burns out. We encourage women to ONLY facilitate programs they are passionate about!!!


    • Chicktime is a ‘no guilt’ organization. Because the typical group eventually builds to 100+ members, there is always a nice size group of volunteers able to show up each month to serve the children. We understand that Chicktime is not the only outreach in your life and we respect that!


    • Chicktime encourages volunteers to bring their teenage girls to serve and enjoy time with the children in the centers/homes. We have witnessed great transformations in the girls we serve as they are so happy that they ‘fit in’ with the girls of the local community and are enjoying the programs together. We have also found that the children we serve are fascinated with healthy mother/daughter relationships and have come to believe this modeling is a powerful witness to these children… they may not have been raised within the loving bond of mother/daughter but we show them that they can aspire to that kind of relationship with their own children someday. Hope found!


    • Chicktime is a great tool to help hurting friends. Bring those that hurt to Chicktime and a supernatural sense of gratitude awakens in them. This is especially effective with teenage daughters!


    • Most women have never been inside a children’s home and honestly aren’t sure we can handle what we think we will encounter… but the vast majority of Chicktime volunteers admit they are each pleasantly surprised by the sense of hope and joy in these places! These children just want a better life and are beginning to believe that is attainable and that they deserve it. Your presence there reinforces that new belief.


    • Tell your stories… share your heart… this is the best way to share Chicktime with others!