Leader Tools

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Every established chapter receives their own website located at Chicktime.com. The National Organization manages the website for you by creating a cute invitation and posting it there for you (we use the calendar to grab event info). In addition, we create a monthly highlight post about your event (we grab that info from your chapter’s Facebook page). If you need additions or edits to any of your web pages, let us know! :-)



Every established chapter receives their own account on volunteermatch.org. The National Organization manages your chapter’s listings. Each chapter is responsible for managing volunteer referrals. Please reach out to new volunteers within 24 hours upon receiving a notification from volunteermatch.org. If you are not receiving notifications from volunteermatch.org please let us know. New volunteers from volunteermatch.org are NOT automatically entered into your CRM, please make sure to add them.



Every chapter receives a Chicktime Facebook page for their chapter. Once the account is created the chapter leader is given administrative access. We ask that each chapter post at least one picture during their monthly event along with a brief post. The National Organization uses this information to update your website monthly. For tips and tricks on how to use Facebook to your advantage, check out our Facebook101 PDF!


Eventkeeper Calendar:

Click here to open tutorial that teaches how to add your chapter events to the calendar at chicktime.com

Click here to go directly to the eventkeeper calendar login page

We ask that you update your calendar regularly. As a reminder, the Chicktime National Organization creates your monthly invitations using the event details from the calendar. We create your invite 6 weeks prior to your event so please ensure your details are accurate. If you change your calendar within 6 weeks of your event, PLEASE let us know so we can update the invitation before posting it! :-)