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A Girl For God by Laura Trujillo
This article ran in a few local newsletters in the Canyon Lake area:


Sitting in a church parking lot at 7:30 in the morning on a Saturday morning is not an ideal plan of action for a teenager; from personal experience, meaning that I am 18, I know that they would much rather be at home, asleep in bed until, oh say, about noon. But here I was with 15 other girls waiting to head out to go participate in this thing called Chicktime. I didn’t really know what is. I was just there because I am a senior, and therefore a leader of our Girls for God ministry, and my leader asked me to create and manage a station. At that point, I wanted nothing more than to just go home and go back to bed. On the drive over, Jennifer explained to us that the girls at this center had been relocated to there because their family background was not safe and they put on a ‘tough girl’ persona, so we needed to mind all the rules and watch what we said/did. “Great,” I thought to myself, “I get to go spend four hours with juvenile delinquents. Yay me.” Little did I know that these girls would show me just how lucky I am and how great God is.


We pulled up, unloaded, were briefed on the happenings, and then escorted through a locked fence: not a very good sign in my mind. I proceeded to the room that I was assigned and set up my card making station. The first group of girls came by and I was a nervous wreck. I didn’t know what to expect: were they going to be nice? Closed off? Would they even participate? As time passed by and we got to talking with the girls, it was evident that these girls were just that, girls. They talked about who the cute celebrities are, who their favorite artists are, and about their school work. They worked diligently on their cards, all the while chatting happily with myself and the other girls helping. What really had an impact on me was a group of four girls. They had choreographed a dance but our CD player wouldn’t play their CD. Instead of just sitting down and letting forgetting about their dance, they began to sing and dance. They had choreographed this dance specifically for our entertainment. These girls had spirit and creativity. They didn’t let their past, current, or future situations handicap their fun.


These girls are at this place because something at home didn’t go right and they got the bad end of the deal yet, here they were singing and dancing, happy as can be. That’s when I realized that on the outside, I was here so they could talk and interact with someone different and new, but in reality I was here to learn from them. They were teaching me that I should be grateful, happy, and contented with my life. I have a loving family, a home, school, and endless possibilities ahead of me. What I thought was going to be a waste of my time ended up as one of the best ways I’ve spent my Saturdays so far this school year.


The girls told us about certain activities Chicktime coordinated for them: a fashion show, a movie, and a dance. We asked the girls what they wanted and our mind raced with thoughts. Jennifer asked if we would want to come back in the future and work with Chicktime some more and we practically screamed at her “YES!” As we loaded the van to head home, we were already talking about what we could do when we came back. Unfortunately for us, Chicktime is booked for the rest of the year and we will have to wait to return. Chicktime was something I needed. Something I needed to remind me just how fortunate I was. Something I needed to open my eyes and teach me how to be generous with my time and effort. I can honestly say that I would not changed a single thing about the way I spent that my Saturday.