Online Sign-Ups



More information on online sign-ups:


The ‘subscribe’ button at the bottom of every page on the chicktime.com site allows readers to join the chapter she is interested in. We highly encourage you to have women interested in joining your chapter click that button and follow the prompts. Women from your community (who you haven’t met yet) will sign up so this is a powerful tool! Chapter leaders may access their online sign-ups by logging into the Chicktime Volunteer Management system. Instructions for logging in are located on the VIP Leader Only information page (remember, this page is private to leaders only and you MUST be logged into the chicktime.com website to view this page.) If a leader has forgotten her login information to chicktime.com please email info@chicktime.com and we can help!


To all leaders, members, and supporters of Chicktime: We encourage you to paste this link on your Facebook pages, signature line of your emails, other websites, and anywhere you like. It will open our ‘web form’ and allow your friends to sign up for your chapter quickly and easily!!!


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