Let’s Journal!

October Update:

We wish you could of seen how fast this beautiful child ran to us in pure joy that we came by to make a visit at
East Valley Charlee House!
Chicktime Rancho Cucamonga has made a commitment to show up once a month to show love and encouragement at East Valley Charlee House and by the mad dash to us~ we think we are making a difference! We have things planned for the rest of the year with a little covid distancing… and get this…
We have ALL of next year planned with different workshop leaders sharing their passion as we fully believe we will be back on campus doing amazing in person activities with the girls! Join us for one month or 6 months or all months. Donate supplies or pray for us. Whatever you choose~ You will be changed forever! Extra thanks to the Bingaman Team for the gift basket to the girls! We say this all the time…
                                                                           It takes a village.