Meet The Leaders

Why I serve in a leadership role:

Originally seeking a volunteer opportunity for one day, I came across Chicktime and felt it would be a wonderful opportunity to serve in a way that I truly felt I could give back.  Upon reaching out, I found that there was not an established chapter in Louisville, KY.  I spent the following weekend praying and seeking guidance on my options and ultimately felt called to serve my local community through the many women and children in need of direction, hope, and love.  It is my vision to gather women and girls in the Louisville area to come together to serve and use their own gifts and talents in this mission.

Why I feel this calling is so strong for me is because I had an amazing and inspirational servant of God in my life until 2008.  My papaw was a man of compassion, strength and unconditional love.  I remember many years that he would gather donations from his real-estate office and other local businesses when he knew of any child that may not receive Christmas.  Not only would he get these donations, but he would enlist the help of our family to ensure that it was Santa and an elf (normally my cousin and myself) that delivered these presents on Christmas morning.   Now grown and my papaw no longer with us, I continue to seek ways to give back as he would and ensure that the lives of others can be enriched by someone who cares.


My passions and gifts:

My passion lies strongly in my faith and my family.  My desire in life is to help develop the talents and gifts of those around me in everything that I do.  In my role as a manager, it is my desire to successfully meet organizational and operational goals while ultimately developing the hidden talents in each of the individuals that I work with.  My true passion is to help each of them find happiness through their role by allowing them to showcase their strengths and develop their areas of opportunity.


Hobbies and interests:

Outside of work, I am blessed to have a wonderful husband who is a horse trainer.  I enjoy spending time with him working with the horses and also taking care of our three dogs and our micro mini pig. As for interest, I wish I could say that fitness is  a hobby but, for now it  remains in the interest category. Lastly, I also oddly enjoy studying and I am currently working on a second master’s degree.