Lunch, Sweets & Arcade Fun!

August Update:

This evening was such an amazing one.
Last month we went out to Big Springs Ranch for Children to take portraits of the little girls from one of the cabins. They were all ready and dressed up! We had such an amazing time that we had to go back and do it again!
Today we took photos of the boys and you know how boys don’t really love taking photos but with a little time, some good pizza from Broadway 830 & some hyping up from some amazing women. The boys got so excited for it. They all wanted photos! They did poses from their favorite super hero’s and even the older boys enjoyed it! It was so much fun!
They did not want us to leave. 😭
Before we left we went to the little girls cabin again to deliver their photos. The amazing Kimberly Fulton Huffstutlerpulled together some people to sponsor each little girl to get them blankets with their photos on it. If you haven’t had one of these blankets made they are such a sentimental gift! We had took a group photo of all of them as well and those were on the blankets to. It made great memories. When we delivered those blankets …you should of seen how much those little girls faces lit up the room.
👏🏽In that exact moment I felt so blessed to be apart of this amazing group Chicktime Smalltown!!!!
I have to say thank you so much to the beautiful & talented Tara Maxey Photography for designing & getting these blankets made and also for helping take some beautiful portraits! They were absolutely beautiful.
If you would love to give back to your community & spread love where love is needed. Then please join us on our next workshop. It is amazing and it will set a flame in your heart for these beautiful kids. We hope to see you at the next one! Message me on how to get involved! It is super easy.
Thank you Evett Gallardo, Norma Jean Sandoval Dolly Schultz Lisa Bailey for attending this workshop with us. You ladies are a blessing! 😭 Thank you for being apart of Chicktime Smalltown!