Making Comic Books!

June Update:


What a wonderful time we had yesterday with the kids and staff at Roy Maas Youth Alternatives!
Our June workshop leader got sick the night before so we had to come up with a last minute activity. Sticking to the window suncatcher theme, we decided to design a stained glass chalk design with the kids.
While a team of kids played games, another group began prepping the sidewalk design. Once the prepping was complete, everyone jumped in to color. One of the little girls even stepped up into a leadership role and instructed everyone to paint the heart red, pink and white, while everything else was filled in with other colors. It was so awesome to see how the kids began collaborating together to finish coloring.
At one point the kids broke off into groups: the color infill team and the smearing team. They did this all on their own.
As we neared the end, they were extremally anxious for the revealing. Everyone grabbed a piece of tape and ripped away. The end product brought happiness to their faces. It came out so lovely! Even one of the older kids said “This is probably one of the prettiest things I’ve done in all my summer camps.”
It’s moments like these we are reminded why we do this.
Can you believe we achieved this beautiful design with only painters tape and chalk? Teamwork goes a long way!
Thank you to our new volunteers Sam and Traci for joining us. We appreciate your time and support. We look forward to seeing you again in the future.
Until next time! July 8th! See you soon 🙂