Making Sun Catchers!

August Update:

Today we learned how to unwind.
Yoga not only has many physical health benefits but also strengthens our mentality.
Yoga was new to us all! There was a little hesitation at first from the kids, but everyone grabbed a mat and were ready to listen. Ms. Mary and Ms. Annette began by teaching us the “STAR” move. We learned so many other moves, like the Dinosaur, Bear, Turtle, and the challenging Fox.
At the end, Ms. Mary gave the kids a pop quiz to see if they remembered all the moves and they aced it! By the end of our exercise, the kids were telling us how much they enjoyed the yoga session. They also didn’t realize how challenging it could be!
We ended with delicious fruit kabobs prepared by Ms. Annette. Some of the kids also got to try tajin and chamoy for the first time today and we received many thumbs up!
Thank You Ms. Mary and Ms. Annette for empowering our minds. A strong mind can confront and overcome difficulties of all kinds!