Meet The Leaders

Stacy Breckenridge  

Chicktime Mesa Founder


I have been married for 18 years and am also the mother of two beautiful and very active boys!

God has put the abused, neglected children of the world on my heart.   I was a volunteer at the Mesa Child Crisis Center back in my college years, and continued that service for almost 7 years.   I was also a Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA) while we lived in Colorado.  In this capacity I was appointed by a judge to be a voice for abused and neglected children in court.  The desired result is that children are moved out of the custody of the state and placed into safe, permanent, loving homes where they can thrive.


In this new role with Chicktime, I am very excited to work alongside other women that are charged to change the lives of those who need us most!


                                  Chicktime Cheryl (4)

Cheryl Namie 

Chicktime Co-Leader

My husband, Mike, of 20 years and I have three amazing children.  We have a son in college, a daughter in high school and a son in elementary school who keep us very busy and adds excitement to our life together as a family.   During the last seven years, I have worked at an elementary school where I have enjoyed helping young students.


My passion has always been helping children to reach their full potential and hopefully have some fun along the way.  That is why I was very excited when Stacy asked me to assist her in starting a Chicktime chapter in Mesa.  Working alongside my friend and other women who have the same interest and goal in making a difference in children’s lives.


Jesi “J.J” Hokit

Chicktime Co-Leader


Why I serve a leadership role with Chicktime Mesa: I serve because I love kiddos. I serve because I have a soft spot for those who are less fortunate than others. I serve because I have been through some of the things the children at the Crisis Center have gone through. I serve because no child should ever feel unsafe or unloved.

My passions and gifts: My passion is to help others… to be a voice for those who cannot speak for themselves… to save as many animals as I can… to show the children at the Crisis Center that grown-ups can be loving, caring, & good role models; that being silly is ok, that being smart is great, and that a kind word or a smile can make someone’s day. I am also an avid Pitbull Advocate.

My hobbies and interests: I enjoy spending time with my husband Christopher, our rescue pitbull Lincoln, my adorable nephews (who we take once-twice a month from Friday to Sunday… yes, my brother & sister-in-law are VERY lucky), and the rest of our family. A few things I love… Road trips, brunch with girlfriends, the Oregon Coast, hiking, hockey, music, my small hometown in the PNW, white water rafting in Colorado, pitbulls, our military men & women, the red rocks of Sedona, Polish & Hungarian food, Nike, football, Chicago, the smell of pine trees, Milk Duds, candle-light service, & Christmas.