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Have you ever noticed a need in your community and wondered why it is that nobody has done something to fill that need yet? What if that reason is because that somebody is YOU! Chicktime is proud to announce that Melissa Drenchen has made the decision to lead the Chicktime movement in her community but she needs YOU to join them in her in her efforts to make sure that the forgotten children of your community know love, friendship, and safety. We encourage you to think about your passions, your skills, your talents, and how you could use to them to make a child’s world just a little bit better and contact Ashley at admin@chicktime.com if you feel called to join Melissa’s leadership team!


September Update:

Thank you to everyone who joined us for Chicktime September! We had so much fun learning how to combat stresses of heading back to school after a loooong summer off! Our homemade stress balls were a hit!



August Update:

This month, we made bullet journals with the kids and really worked on being creative with our writing! It was quite relaxing and so fun to spend time with them learning how to let our creativity flow!!

June Update:

We had SO much fun at Chicktime July… even if the day didn’t quite go as planned! LOL We didn’t think this one through all the way… what started out as marbled paper making turned into just colored shaving cream fun….


June Update:

YAY! Our first Chicktime GR is in the books. It was a small crowd but totally worth the time. Our girls were camera shy today but here is some of their work! Thank you to everyone who helped make the launch of Chicktime Grand Rapids so special and we can’t wait to see you all again next month!


May Update:

Thank you to everyone who attended May’s Coffee Connection with Chicktime Grand Rapids! Unfortunately, our camera decided to malfunction in the middle of taking pictures but we had a wonderful time!

We are so excited about the launch of our chapter and SO appreciative of the support that we have received thus far from our community!! We are busy planning our first workshop with our charity partner, Mel Trotter Ministries, and we would love to see YOU there!!

Do you have a heart to serve others? Have a passion, skill, or talent that you would like to share with the hurting women and children of our community? Chicktime Grand Rapids is the place for you! Join us for a “coffee connection” on May 20th to learn more about Chicktime.. who we are and what we do. We would love to have YOU!

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