Minute to Win It!

April 2022:

Oh how good it is to be with our girls of Wallace House again! Our April workshop was so fun and refreshing. Our leader of the month was Anna and she brought all our supplies for making fancy journals out of regular composition notebooks.
We crafted our best and blingiest beauts. I love how the girls seem to open up while their hands are busy making something cool. We had way more open space to move around now that the house has been remodeled and it was in dire need of it. Thank yous to whom ever did that.
We talked about hobbies, birthdays, boyfriends, school, and all their favorite things while we ate homemade pizzas made by Danielle’s husband. Then Heidi brought out sweet Easter treats and baskets for each girl.
I gotta say the hugs I received just did my heart and soul good. I even got an “I missed you too” from our toughest cookie. Those moments alone are what makes it worthwhile. The house had a happy and easy going vibe to it which is definitely not the norm in foster care group homes.
We’ve had a few more volunteers sign up via our website and I gotta say Holly was right. God is moving in Middle Tennessee y’all.