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July Update:

Due to circumstances beyond our control the July BBQ scheduled for this weekend has been rescheduled for
August 13th!!
Please come out and join us!
We nee YOU!

June Update:

We can’t believe we didn’t take pictures of our drop off cookie kits? To our defense~  we received the news around the time of delivery that The Rio Grande Valley Children’s Home was going to have a BBQ in July and wanted us to join them! We can’t wait to serve in person again. Stay tuned for details! We hope this will be the start of things going back to “normal”!

Let’s make the world a better place…together!

May Update:

Our May flower pot painting and grow kits workshop was dropped off! We hope the kids have tons of fun with this activity!
# bloom

April Update:

Our April drop off workshop was a success!! I look at this picture and see love!! Love of our community and love of God’s children!

March Update:

We pray that something as simple as popcorn kits for a casual movie night will bless the kids at the Rio Grande Children’s Home. It’s often the little things we take for granted!

February Update:

Our February workshop …
Full of love, grace and hope for the kids served by The Rio Grande Children’s Home!

January Update: 

Our January drop off workshop was a success! We just know the kids are going to have so much with the s’mores kits we made for them!!

December Update:

Thank you for those who helped us purchase Christmas gift cards for the families that Buckner serves. What a blessing it is serving others!

Merry Christmas!

We would feel so honored if you clicked on this link to help us help the families at Buckner. The need is about 300 gift cards ( the link makes it seem like just one is needed so please be advised). This is a HUGE need, but we feel confident we can help these families have a very Merry Christmas.


September Update:

Don’t you wish you could see the faces of the foster families that are going to get one of these donated gift cards? We will continue to collect ice cream gift cards for as long as you want to send them to bless these precious families who take care of the hurting children in our community.

The Chicktime Mission RGV leadership team just wanted to check in and let you know we are thinking about all our volunteers at this time. We pray you are safe and well. We look forward to serving with you soon. 

Until then….God~speed.


Marylin Garris


I volunteered to put on the February event at the Children’s Home.  I was excited about it and had everything planned down to segments of 15 minutes during a two hour event.  I decided that we would have the event indoors due to the weather.


The children reluctantly arrived.   One small 3 year old child was clinging to her 9 year old brother, another 5 year old girl found a chair to sit on in the corner of the room and she quietly slunk beneath the table not wanting to be noticed.  After seeing the 21 children aged 9 and under, my plan evaporated within 1 minute. The seven day period of rain and cold weather brought children who were quite rambunctious.


Since we had great volunteers there was no problem altering the plan to fit the children. Our original plan was to sit cross legged in a circle for a few minutes of instruction. That plan was quickly altered when we realized that some of the children did not speak English and did not understand enough to respond. We only had the signal to use your finger to touch the nose for quiet. The original plan was to demonstrate the tasks, and divide the children into teams and cheer on the teams.  Well, so much for that plan.  Now plan B.


Start the first relay race. The first event used a collapsed folding chair at the end point.  The children ran to the chair, opened the chair, and closed the chair, laid the chair down and somehow got back somewhere in line.  Let them go.  Enjoy the moment.  We did get them to cheer on their team, or whoever.  I knew we would just let them go until they began to wind down.  The girl in the corner raised her head and I quietly invited her to join the event.


The second event used two bright pink crystal golf balls on paper plates and the children were to balance the ball on the plate, go and sit on the chair and then balance the ball back to the front of the line.  The girl at the table noticed the bright pink crystal golf balls and slowly crept in one of the lines.  I told her there was room for her to join.


The third event used two soft, 10 inch rubber balls with good bounce.  The children were to pass the ball over their head, then under the legs and then over…The children could not keep their hands off of the balls.  The girl in the corner was now passing the ball and the 3 year old child who was first clinging to her brother was also in line passing the ball.  Previously she was moving between the relay lines while her brother was participating in the relay events.


The fourth event was a 3 legged race that we used elastic bandage to connect the 2 players together.  Some tried hopping, others walking, others holding on the young ones and then going three or four abreast together to the chair.  All of a sudden the elastic bandage was made into headbands, wrist bands and some became one eyed pirates.


The fifth event was a water relay.  This was the one that really captured the interest of all the children.  The children had a large 5 gallon bucket of water at the beginning of the line and they used bathroom drink cups to fill a plastic bowl sitting on the chair.


There was still time left so we made a bounce the ball down the floor to the chair to fill time.


After lunch the final event consisted of popping a balloon by sitting on the balloon.


Suddenly the 3 year old child jumped into the arms of one of the adults and went around offering a kiss to the other adults. Maybe organized chaos is the best plan after all.


After a valentine treat and trying to take a picture for 2 minutes we all left exhausted and felt good about all the happiness we had for two hours.


*editor’s note: Marilyn Garris is a resident of Retama Village at Bentsen Palm. The Retama Ladies are always up to something fun and truly out there making their world a better place! For more information about the RGV Children’s home, contact one of the Chicktime RGV Members, Tamara Sanchez (the RGV Chapter leader), stop by the Rhodes Enterprises Central Office and chat with Lupita, or visit the home’s website by clicking here.

February News


RGV Chicktime wanted to set the  tempo  for 2012 with  pizza, laughter, good friends, and plenty of love. But on the other side January is a beautiful month to cuddle, snuggle, and snooze.   A beautiful beginning for the new year is in order.  What were we going to do?

So in  2012 we want it ALL for our friends at the  Rio Grande Childrens home children!

Pizza is always a hit so it was first.   Then  we went to creative and activity with Lupita  our event leader.  She set the stage for us to make personal pillows witch had the  names of  the children on them,  Lupita’s mom Josephine, sister Maria, and Chicks Sue, Carol, Linda, and Echo was her support staff.

We had soft colorful material sown on three and a half sides and mountains of beautiful soft free flowing filling that made everyone laugh and play. One child was soon offering cotton candy made from a pencil and stuffing.  Soon you saw children  with  their heads on their pillow,  others calling out mine, mine hugging their creation close, while still others were making a pillow  for a unknown friend a Chick’s small loved one.

Finally, who is going to clean-up.  Having fun can be messy especially with clouds of white foam everywhere. The children went into high gear.

Everyone left with a knowing smile that we all happily await our next gathering.

February News Submitted by: Chick  Echo

A Note from the RGV Chapter Leader:


If you have ever wondered if Chicktime is for you… wonder no more! If you love children and you can spare a few hours the second Saturday of any month… then come out and join us. We need you! The children need you!!! And we have a really good time while we are ‘making the world a better place!’


If you would like to host a Chicktime gathering in your home to share what Chicktime is all about with your friends and family, please contact Tamara Sanchez for more information. Tamara enjoys spreading the word about Chicktime and would be more than happy to speak at your next gathering or find someone who is available. Thank you to all the ladies who joined the Chicktime gathering this past month at the Retama Club hosted by the Retama ladies. It was inspiring to hear the great things that the women of the RGV are doing to improve the lives of abused and/or neglected children in the local area. We even had reports of the men getting involved to help out! Ask Echo Richardson how many hours were volunteered by Retama Village residents alone to help make the lives of these children brighter… the numbers are staggering… and will take your breath away. And thanks again to Retama Village for committing to lead the Christmas Extravaganza December 2012 benefitting the children of the RGV Children’s home!

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Every year in the Rio Grande Valley, kids are removed from their homes due to abuse, neglect or parents that are no longer able to care for them. The Rio Grande Valley Children’s Home steps in to provide these children with a loving place to stay. Children learn that they are loved and cared for in a structured environment that gives them the same opportunities to succeed as every other child