About Our Chapter

“Be somebody who makes everybody feel like SOMEBODY”


Welcome to Chicktime Mission RGV. My name is Lupita and I absolutely cannot wait to meet you. It is my heartfelt belief that sharing a small amount of kindness cost nothing, but makes a great difference to someone who has nothing. I have volunteered with Chicktime since the chapter in Mission was founded in 2008 by Natalie Basham. I continued to serve under Echo Richardson when she stepped into leadership and also under Carol Wiens these past few years. As I think about how important kindness is I also reflect on how important it is to recognize the value in all people. I recently visited a shelter here in the RGV serving migrants needing respite care and crisis relief. I think about how important these precious people are simply because they are human and deserve compassion. I am proud to step into the role of leading of the RGV chapter of Chicktime. I hope you get involved because we need your help to make a difference. Please reach out to me with any questions.


Lupita Zamora
Chicktime RGV Managing Leader


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