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September Update

Rock crafts, paints, water guns and candy for the kids at Callen-Lacey.
Missing them so much!


August Update

Water balloons and some yummy Bojangles for the kids
at Callen-Lacey Children’s Home!
We miss spending time with them so much!

Missing our time with the kids, but thankful we can at least
provide them with a yummy meal. Mexican for tonight 

Happy to be able to deliver a yummy Bojangles meal and Italian Ice
to the kids at Callen Lacey Children’s Home this afternoon.
We sure do miss spending time with these kids. 


March Update

Grilled hamburgers and pork chops tonight for a fun outdoor picnic!
And enjoyed some great laughs by wearing a lizard for an earring
and eating some fruit roll-ups!
We absolutely love spending time with these kids!


February Update

What a great night it was at Callen-Lacey Children’s Home
for kids for a taco bar and s’mores!
Love these kids and just spending time with them!

January Update

Enjoyed another great night at Callen Lacey Children’s Home.
Baked potatoes and salad for a delicious supper
followed by some very creative painting!
Thanks to Robin Sweatman and Jaime Lee Sweatman Memorial Fund for the supper!!



December Update

We were asked to come help the kids at Callen-Lacey decorate for Christmas!
So thankful to the employees at First National Bank of SC and many others
for being so generous in sending decorations and donations that allowed us to make the home ready for the holidays!
Special thanks to Marilyn Clark for making the kids stockings.
We can’t wait to finish filling them and go shopping for the kids’s Christmas wish lists.
We are so blessed by these kids!

November Update

A very cold night made it the perfect opportunity to
huddle around a fire and enjoy some s’mores!
First time ever for some of the kids!

October Update

Super fun time tonight at Callen-Lacey Children’s Home!
Pizza, breadsticks and Italian Ice!
Ended the night with some fun games of Uno and Spoons!
Love those kids!


September Update

Water Party time at Callen-Lacey Children’s Home!
What a blessing to spend time with these kids!

August Update

So thankful to Shannon Jones and her girls for bringing some
rescue pups and rabbits tonight to Callen-Lacey Children’s Home.
The kids loved being able to play and cuddle with the animals. Great therapy!


July Update

What an amazing time we had last night at Callen Lacey Children’s Home!
So thankful to have Dorchester County K-9 unit show us their beloved dogs
and demonstrate their training and expected behavior. So informative!!

June Update

Chicktime and Chucktime at Callen-Lacey!
Basketball, badminton and corn hole!
Then enjoyed chatting and making some bracelets!
Love that we get to spend time with these kids!

May Update

Wow! The best word I can think of to describe Chicktime Moncks Corner tonight
at Callen-Lacey Home for Children!
Kelly Knight Muckenfuss brought her heat press
and we made customized t-shirts for the kids!
To see the smiles on their faces tonight was such a blessing!
In addition, there was a lot of one-on-one time spent with the kids
just talking about their interests and some basketball, of course!
My heart is sooo full with the outpouring of love shown tonight
for these kids! #iamenough

Love our Chicktime Moncks Corner ladies who give so much to
Callen-Lacey Home for Children!
Such a blessed afternoon!


April Update

Chicktime Moncks Corner ladies!
Honestly love each and everyone so much and so thankful
for the selfless giving of their time.
Callen-Lacey Home for Children is such a difficult and humbling
yet rewarding and blessed experience.
Yes, I leave a huge chunk of my heart every time we go,
but just the thought that we are making a small difference in their lives
means so very much!

April Chicktme Moncks Corner @ Callen-Lacey Home for Children.
Motivational Canvas painting tonight was such a hit!
These kids are so very talented. Definitely several candidates
for some art scholarships!


March Update

Chicktime Moncks Corner @ Callen-Lacey Home for Children! So very thankful for these faithful volunteers and the opportunity to spend time with the kids at CL.

We go to bless these children and they always end up blessing us! Always looking for volunteers or those willing to share their time or talents!


February Update

Thankful for all our wonderful volunteers! 

Chicktime Moncks Corner at Callen-Lacey.
Great makeup class for the girls and some basketball for the guys!
Love spending time with these kids!!

Thankful for sweet friends that make such awesome donations
for Chicktime Moncks Corner and the Callen-Lacey Home for Children! So blessed!


January Update

Chicktime Moncks Corner ‘s “Sweet Treat Night” at Callen-Lacey Home for Children.

We may have left those kids a little “sugared up”. Super fun time playing games and decorating cupcakes.

Thanks to all who came and to Ms. Jackie for bringing the mind teaser puzzles!


December Update



Oh, what a super fun night we had!



From decorating gingerbread cookies…



to “attempting” to pop balloons with oven mitts, to trying to hang candy canes on a string….



to a Chinese Christmas exchange!

Christmas music and snacks to top it off! So much laughter and smiles!

Merry Christmas to these wonderful kids and the awesome staff at Callen-Lacey Home for Children!

November Update

Added a little Chucktime tonight and had our guys spend some time playing basketball with the boys in the rain while we made Happy Planners with the girls at Callen-Lacey Home for Children!

Great workshop Kelly and Robin ! Thanks to our “Chucks” Wayne and Tommy
for joining us!

Our “chucks” looking pretty refreshed after playing basketball in the rain for an hour! Thanks!

October Update:

Chicktime Moncks Corner @ Callen-Lacey!
Pumpkins 🎃 everywhere! Great job Reagan!
Thanks to Ms Jackie for bringing the Halloween hats!!

 September Update:

Calligraphy, drawing and basketball fun tonight!!!


August Update:

What an amazing first night we had at Callen-Lacey Home!

We enjoyed playing some fun ice-breaker games, snacks, and playing some basketball!

Super excited to be there tonight – thanks to all who came out and enjoyed the fellowship!