Meet the Leaders

Sabrina Carter
Chicktime Monterey Managing Leader
Why I serve a leadership role with Chicktime:
As an aspiring PA student, I started looking for possible volunteer opportunities that could push me out of my comfort zone to help someone else. I’m not sure how I landed on the Chicktime site but after reading through the statement of purpose, I fell in love with this organization’s mission. Though our team was not able to find a child based organization to serve, I still take pride in taking a leadership role to help the homeless of my community.
My passions and gifts:

My strongest passion is to help those who need it most. Though there are many career fields that could fulfill this passion, I grew a strong interest in the medical field. In the long run, I strive to work as a health care professional, serving those underserved communities I once grew up in myself.

My hobbies and interests:

I love all things artsy! Though I am not the best, it gives me peace and comfort to stretch my creative “legs” and space out. Painting, drawing, singing, music, anything I feel can bring a sort of enlightenment in a fun way, I love!

My hobbies are primary going to the movies, hanging with my friends, listening to music, and enjoying some family time (Game Night!!).


Winnie Chen
Chicktime Monterey Co-Leader
(831) 229-7359
Why I serve a leadership role with Chicktime:

I would like to inspire children and women to pursue STEM fields no matter how difficult it seems to be. Serving with Chicktime allows me to achieve goals that seemed difficult to do alone. I’m also here to promote a vision of eternal love and support with each other. I strive for collaboration and not competition.

My passions and gifts
I bake French macrons and still would like to get a license to sell one day. I also like to organize my stuff in my free time. My ideal living lifestyle is similar to being a minimalist.

My hobbies and interests:
 I also like to play video games and try out new foods with my two brothers.
Natalie Vazquez
Chicktime Monterey Co-Leader
 (831) 224-9781
Why I serve a leadership role with Chicktime:

I was born in Puerto Rico, and came to CA at the age of 8 knowing no English. As I grew up I would get bullied for my accent and for the way my curly hair.I  suffered from having low -self esteem and had a difficult time enjoying growing up and loving myself because of the bullying that I was experiencing. At the time I did not have a support group or ladies that were older than me that could serve as a mentor and encourage me by reminding me of my worth. My experiences growing up have inspired me to be that mentor and be the light to those who suffer from bullying and from low self esteem. I want to serve with Chiktime in order to encourage and empower women to love themselves and find their worth. I want to help women learn to value and love their individual characteristics and to love what makes them them. I want women to know that beautiful its not what society/social media has made us belief is. Beauty is found within and once we focus in loving who we are, we can be the best versions of ourselves.
Chicktime is an organization that empowers women and I want to be part of that light that women in our community need in order for them to find and accomplish their purpose in life.
My passions and gifts:

I love everything that has to do with beauty and self care.. I like to empower women with my past experiences in order to help them overcome their struggles and feel beautiful on the inside. I believe that by sharing my experiences as a woman is a skill that involves communication and listening to others in order to encourage them. I love to do hair and makeup. I believe once we are heal on the inside we can glow from within and use hairstyles and makeup to enhance ourselves. 

My hobbies and interests:
I love going to the beach and take time to detach myself from the world/social media and spend time thanking God for all the blessings.  I like to watch videos that teach me different makeup techniques and how to do facials. 
Taylor Reed
Chicktime Monterey Co-Leader
(805) 268-1618
Why I serve a leadership role with Chicktime:

I feel that Chicktime, the women involved, and the vision of this organization embody who I am as a person, and, as a woman, how I would like others to view me. I see myself in those that uphold the values of this organization and I hope to one day be someone that others look up to as well. 

My passions and gifts:

I’ve come to love medicine and the health care field. One day, I will be an advocate and an ally for women and children in underserved communities dealing with chronic illnesses. I value communication, words of affirmation, and connection when speaking with others and I try to to convey that in all conversations. I hope to be able use these skills in my future career to pursue my passion in medicine. 

My hobbies and interests:
In my free time, I enjoy working out, cooking and trying new foods, puzzles, and speaking with my loved ones and friends.
Chicktime Monterey :
Volunteer Coordinator- Winnie Chen
Facebook Manager- Taylor Reed
Website Monitor-  Natalie Vazquez
Calendar Manager- Sabrina Carter
Treasurer- Winnie Chen
Rising Managing Leader- Taylor Reed