July Update:

Yesterday we let our inner superheroes out!
The kids got an opportunity to dig deep within themselves, and their imagination, to create a superhero comic. They were challenged to be creative!
One kid was Wonder Girl, who got her super powers from eating so much salad, that it made her the strongest girl in the world. She used those super powers of hers to save all the stuffed animals that kids throw away.
Another child named their super hero “Squishy”. Squishy’s power was to eliminate people’s sadness by squishing people with a huge hug.
It was nice to see the good deeds that not only these made-up superheroes had, but what the kids really felt the world needed.
After everyone was done creating their comic book strip, we divided up into two teams to have a little friendly competition against the heroes. We started off with a quick game of basketball and then busted out the water squirters. It was too hot of a day not to get wet!
In the end, the kids and Chicktime volunteers had a wonderful time.
Don’t take for granted the quality time you spend with your family. The small amount of time we spend with the kids every month makes a world of a difference. You can tell in their smiles and laughter.
We look forward to returning next month!