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August Update:

Oh the fun things you can make with arts and crafts supplies!!

Even though we weren’t able to visit with our Wallace girls in person this month,
we were able to show some Chicktime love and put together
spa gift baskets for all the girls, and send one of our graduates off to
MTSU with a giant box full of college essentials.
Thank you sooo much to all who contributed! Y’all are amazing.

Congratulations to Holly Stewart, Jeanette George, and Stephanie Mullenax
for Chicktime Nashville being nominated for the 2020 Strobel Award!
This award recognizes volunteer organizations that have made a
significant impact in their community. Way to go ladies!!
#makeanimpact #serveyourcommunity

February Update

Chicktime Nashville sends a special thanks to
Anna Peterman for such a great Valentine’s craft day!


January Update

Chicktime Nashville was hosted by Mrs. Mary Tuck today!
Thank you so much for sharing your talents.

Today we painted on Canvas.
Our girls love expressing themselves with art and they did not disappoint.

November Update

This year we cooked and served the young ladies of Youth Villages. YouthVillage.
The food was amazing.
After dinner we did karaoke Christmas songs.


October Update

The girls loved the goat farm.
They received and gave love to the goats.
Each goat had its own personal story.


September Update

In September we talked about the power of words and
learned about two different kinds of poetry.
Holly brought some personal blackout poetry to share
and we made bracelets by choosing colors that represented us as individuals.

August Update

The kids won the water wars. They enjoyed getting the leaders drenched.

We had a great time playing Dodge the Water Balls, badminton, and volleyball.

The gifts were greatly appreciated. Thanks for all of you that donated.
We would also like to thank our volunteers that barbecued our yummy lunch.

We ended our day with ice cream sundaes.

This event was one of our favorites.
Each person is touching the lives of these young ladies by donating gifts,
donating items or volunteering.
And for that, we can’t Thank You enough.


July Update

“We should not teach children the sciences
but give them a taste for them.” -Jean Jacques Rosseau

We had a great time at our science workshop with the girls!
They learned about DNA strands and extracting DNA!
Big thanks to Youth Villages for having us and
Chelsea Cash for a great time with the girls! – Holly


June Update

We met and learned about sugar gliders from Australia
and spent the afternoon singing karaoke and eating sweet treats.
Everyone was there and engaged, it was fantastic!



May Update

The ladies enjoyed sports day. It rained so we moved it inside and played table tennis.
Our tournament was one for the books.

After Renee Smith taught us how to make flower crowns.
The perseverance paid off and we finally finished the crowns.
The finished product was beautiful.

We then proceeded to our first Chicktime birthday party.
Each girl received a pink bag with coloring books, pencils, and journals.
The house received towels and art supplies.
Leader Stephanie made the cupcake cake. It was perfectly moist and delicious.

We loved seeing Renee, meeting Anna and Jackie. Thanks for all your help and love.

We hope to see you at next month’s sing along.


April Update

This morning Chicktime was a fun and creative event.
We love getting to know the young ladies. We had two volunteers today.
We love our volunteers! Thanks again!

Miss Stephanie built these garden boxes by hand.
The painted rocks are markers to remind the ladies which plants are which.

March Update:

We had so much fun today with the youth at Youth Villages.

The girls loved making pizzas and showing their creative side. We can’t wait for next month!