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September Update:

Wow is all I can say. What a great workshop we had! This past Saturday our girls from Wallace worked on their service project. For September we chose a give back workshop that allows the young women to be the giver instead of the receiver. Since they are always on the receiving end the workshop allows them to feel empowered that they themselves have something to give. It sends a message we strive for them to hear; that they are valuable, especially in the eyes of Chicktime and of God.
Renee spoke to the girls about the elderly that are living in nursing homes as she used to work in one for many years. Many of them either no longer have family around or are quarantined away from loved ones since they are some of the worlds most vulnerable when it comes to the pandemic. She was able to explain that although they live together they can sometimes feel very alone. Much like a group home. And some of the girls can relate by knowing those feelings of loneliness all too well.
Some of us used Renee’s extensive collection of stamps to create our cards while others used the Cricut cutouts that had special messages of hope and love. There were fun bright stickers washi tape and lots of sweet notes and sentiments about keep on going and not giving up.
The girls were so animated and talked up a storm while we made cards. You could tell they were having fun and really enjoyed it. They tell us each time how they like to create things. Lucky for us, that is right up Renee’s alley! 😂
Abby, Renee’s daughter is now able to be there for workshops since changing jobs. She’s 22 but looks 16. The girls seem to gravitate towards her because she has such a bubbly personality, is 1000% genuine and just has a way with people. She makes them feel at ease and you can tell she got her mommas love of service.
The girls love Suzette and her sassiness! She gets right in there and gets them talking. Being an avid hugger, she doles them out every single time. There a some that are a bit prickly but she is wearing them down! She wants them to know love and that they are safe with her.
Anna always brings the fun when she comes and always has food! She made cards right alongside the girls. We can depend on Anna for awesome ideas on workshops and snacks. We missed both her and Holly last month during our workshop.
Holly, our fearless leader, helps keep us all in line and stays up to date on what’s going on at the house. She’s our main line to the volunteer coordinator that helps us keep our workshops on the calendar.
We have a terrific group of volunteers!
I read some of the notes in the cards and oh my heart these girls are so sweet. One young woman even mentioned to give her card to the one that’s hurting the most. She looked me dead in the eye and said with such conviction and seriousness that she wants them to know that someone loves them. I wondered later what trauma and horrors her heart has known. Did someone love her like that? And it broke me to pieces.
I know the residents will adore these as much as I do. We plan to drop them off this week to one of the local homes. They will feel a little bit of love from an unexpected place and sometimes that’s the best kind.

August Update:

August event in the books!! Paint with Feet was interesting to say the least. Did you know studies have shown that painting with your feet makes you use different parts of your brain? 🧐
Some gave up and used their hands cause it is definitely challenging! It was also very HOT 🥵. Renee painted a flower. Selene painted so capped mount with a sunset. Suzette painted her cat Mr. Tinks. Abby painted a beautiful fall scene complete with apple tree and pumpkin patch! One of our girls painted an cute abstract full of dots and splatters.
We sat in the shade and talked about school, getting jobs, and what crafts they’d like to do next. All in all it was a good day even if we were covered in paint and sweat!

July Update;

Our Summer BBQ at Youth Villages was perfect!

We are already busy planning our next workshop and we hope it includes YOU!

June Update:

We had to improvise our workshop as there was some scheduling conflicts.

Movie nights ahead for the girls with summertime snacks!

May Update:

Well even our rescheduled date turned out to be a conflict with he campus.

We are hoping that as they lift volunteer restrictions all around their schedule will get set like pre-covid and no other conflicts will happen.

April Update:

Can you believe it rained again on our attempt to play volleyball with the girls? 😒
We improvised and found these fabulous games for them to play year round! So our volleyball workshop turned into a game drop off workshop! It all works, but oh how we were looking forward to hanging out with them! Maybe next month!

March Update:

Well Boo!
Our March (outdoor )Volleyball Workshop was canceled due to rain. We rescheduled it and wouldn’t you know it… it rained again! We will try again in April as it’s a favorite of the girls!!

February Update:

We had a Zoom workshop this month and made Vision Boards. So fun. If the house sends us pictures we will post them. Miss Anna sent precut no sew blankets for the girls to make too!

We have the best volunteers.

January Update:

November Update:

Our December Movie Night workshop will for sure be a hit!

November Update:

We got a last minute notice that volunteer restrictions are back in place at Youth Villages. Actually the night before our workshop was scheduled. The house we serve was put under quarantine for a couple weeks therefore we could not have our Thanksgiving workshop. 

October Update:

Rain prevented us from having our Halloween Celebration outside so the Pumpkin Fun was moved inside!

September Update:

Our September workshop was in person and let us tell you…our hearts are full.

We planned fun outdoor activities for the girls at Youth Villages and got so wrapped up in the day and all it meant we didn’t take a ton of pics! Getting lost in the loving and serving  is what Chicktime Nashville is all about ….you should join us one month!

August Update:

Oh the fun things you can make with arts and crafts supplies!!

Even though we weren’t able to visit with our Wallace girls in person this month,
we were able to show some Chicktime love and put together
spa gift baskets for all the girls, and send one of our graduates off to
MTSU with a giant box full of college essentials.
Thank you sooo much to all who contributed! Y’all are amazing.

Congratulations to Holly Stewart, Jeanette George, and Stephanie Mullenax
for Chicktime Nashville being nominated for the 2020 Strobel Award!
This award recognizes volunteer organizations that have made a
significant impact in their community. Way to go ladies!!
#makeanimpact #serveyourcommunity

February Update

Chicktime Nashville sends a special thanks to
Anna Peterman for such a great Valentine’s craft day!


January Update

Chicktime Nashville was hosted by Mrs. Mary Tuck today!
Thank you so much for sharing your talents.

Today we painted on Canvas.
Our girls love expressing themselves with art and they did not disappoint.

November Update

This year we cooked and served the young ladies of Youth Villages. YouthVillage.
The food was amazing.
After dinner we did karaoke Christmas songs.


October Update

The girls loved the goat farm.
They received and gave love to the goats.
Each goat had its own personal story.


September Update

In September we talked about the power of words and
learned about two different kinds of poetry.
Holly brought some personal blackout poetry to share
and we made bracelets by choosing colors that represented us as individuals.

August Update

The kids won the water wars. They enjoyed getting the leaders drenched.

We had a great time playing Dodge the Water Balls, badminton, and volleyball.

The gifts were greatly appreciated. Thanks for all of you that donated.
We would also like to thank our volunteers that barbecued our yummy lunch.

We ended our day with ice cream sundaes.

This event was one of our favorites.
Each person is touching the lives of these young ladies by donating gifts,
donating items or volunteering.
And for that, we can’t Thank You enough.


July Update

“We should not teach children the sciences
but give them a taste for them.” -Jean Jacques Rosseau

We had a great time at our science workshop with the girls!
They learned about DNA strands and extracting DNA!
Big thanks to Youth Villages for having us and
Chelsea Cash for a great time with the girls! – Holly


June Update

We met and learned about sugar gliders from Australia
and spent the afternoon singing karaoke and eating sweet treats.
Everyone was there and engaged, it was fantastic!



May Update

The ladies enjoyed sports day. It rained so we moved it inside and played table tennis.
Our tournament was one for the books.

After Renee Smith taught us how to make flower crowns.
The perseverance paid off and we finally finished the crowns.
The finished product was beautiful.

We then proceeded to our first Chicktime birthday party.
Each girl received a pink bag with coloring books, pencils, and journals.
The house received towels and art supplies.
Leader Stephanie made the cupcake cake. It was perfectly moist and delicious.

We loved seeing Renee, meeting Anna and Jackie. Thanks for all your help and love.

We hope to see you at next month’s sing along.


April Update

This morning Chicktime was a fun and creative event.
We love getting to know the young ladies. We had two volunteers today.
We love our volunteers! Thanks again!

Miss Stephanie built these garden boxes by hand.
The painted rocks are markers to remind the ladies which plants are which.

March Update:

We had so much fun today with the youth at Youth Villages.

The girls loved making pizzas and showing their creative side. We can’t wait for next month!