About Our Chapter

My name is Tara Chapman Johnson and I am the managing leader for Chicktime New Bruanfels Downtown. I have been a volunteer for Chicktime since the beginning. I love every aspect of the mission and what it stands for!

I began serving every local chapter in the San Antonio /New Braunfels/Canyon Lake and Boerne area . I then started to lead workshops for each of those chapters until in 2021 I felt a nudge to step up and become the managing leader for this chapter.

I believe in my heart that all children need love and positive attention. I am a retired school teacher so I have the time and  certainly have the love to share! I pray when you read this you will consider joining us for a workshop or two or three….

We need compassionate women to step up!

Chapter History:

Deborah Smith was the founder and first managing leader of Chicktime New Braunfels Downtown. She joined the Chicktime family in 2018 as the Founding Chapter Leader of Chicktime New Braunfels at SJRC Texas. She felt God had a special place for her to devote her time and energy and  had a calling to start another Chapter in New Braunfels at Connections. Deborah moved away from Chicktime leadership to take care of family, but remains committed to Chicktime as a volunteer for area chapters.