Meet the Leaders

Tara Chapman Johnson
Chicktime New Braunfels Downtown Chapter Managing Leader


Why I serve a leadership role with Chicktime:
I have been attending the 7 area Chicktime Chapters and love serving with Chicktime. I knew that Chicktime NB Downtown needed a leadership team to keep workshops at Connections so I decided to step up. These kids need us and I need them.
My hobbies and interests:
Attending as many local Chicktime chapters as I can, Bible studies, the Longhorns, and spending afternoons sipping wine at local wineries.
My passions and gifts:
I am a retired teacher. Chicktime helps me feel needed because I never wanted to leave my career. I am patient, kind and generous. I have 5 grandchildren in Austin and they have a great life. I want that for these kids. I live to serve and I know how to be the hands and feet of Jesus.
Katy Burleson
Chicktime New Braunfels Downtown Chapter Co=leader
Why I serve a leadership role with Chicktime:
My entire life, love has been poured into me and I have learned from the most giving people I know. My mom taught me how to love deeply and help in the best way that one can. I serve as a Chicktime leader to help illuminate the need our children have in our community. Every child should experience love, kindness, and joy. My goal as a leader is that they receive that!
My hobbies and interests:
I love gardening, playing with my kids at new exciting places, cooking and baking with my son, and enjoying my family. I craft and create when I can. And I love going to Chicktime.
My passions and gifts:
My passions are spending time with my two boys, family, and friends. I also really enjoy creating exciting and beautiful projects with my husband. I’m very sensitive to others’ feelings and needs. My heart is full when I am loving people when they need it.
Margaret Wade
Chicktime New Braunfels Downtown Chapter Co=leader
Why I serve a leadership role with Chicktime:
One person who cares about you can change the course of an entire life. I have the time, I have the understanding of loss in all forms, and I have the call to give back, because I have had much support from others in my life’s journey.
My hobbies and interests:
Decorating, gardening, and hanging out with my 4-year-old granddaughter.
My passions and gifts:
My passions are my faith in Jesus, my friends and family, and my dog children. My gifts are that I’m artistic, very sensitive, and have a good sense of humor.
Chicktime New Braunfels Downtown:
Volunteer Coordinator- Tara Chapman Johnson
Facebook Manager-Katy Burleson
Website Monitor-Margaret Wade
Calendar Manager-Katy Burleson
Treasurer-Tara Chapman
Rising Managing Leader- Katy Burleson