About our Chapter

My name is Gwen Rodriguez.

I have lived in and around the Papillion, Nebraska area most of my life.  I am a single mother of  2 incredible kids.  My son is 9 and my daughter is 7.  I work as an Assistant Vice President of IT.  Yes, the job is as glamorous as it sounds ha.  I love pretty much all sports and anything active.  My kids and I love being outdoors, going to sporting events, going to the driving range and ending our nights with a family movie night.  We take any opportunity that we can to goof around and laugh.

Volunteering is something that I have always enjoyed doing especially when it involves helping children.  Child abuse has had an impact of my family’s lives over the years.  I’ve seen the changes that occur in an abused child and I’ve gone and continue to go through the pain of trying to help them through it.  The effects that child abuse causes on the entire family is just heart breaking.  There isn’t a quick fix.  I knew that I had to help others in similar situations.

I signed up for volunteermatch.org to find ways to help.  Shortly after signing up I came across Chicktime.  Once I read about them I not only offered to volunteer at an event but I said I wanted to start a Chapter in my area.  This Papillion Chapter will be the first Nebraska Chapter that Chicktime has.

Not only does Chicktime help children of abuse but it empowers the women in their lives.  I am so excited to be part of such an amazing organization.

My hope is to use these events to provide an environment where the families can feel safe.  A place where they can laugh and have fun together and a place where they know that a touch will never hurt and a voice will never be harmful.

You can visit us on Facebook… @ChicktimePapillion

Gwen Rodriguez

Chicktime Papillion Founder & Leader


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