No Bake Cooking Class!

No-Bake Workshop


Naan Flatbread

Onion and Chive Cream Cheese (other kinds work well too)

1/2 cup red bell pepper, diced

1/2 cup yellow bell pepper, diced

2 green onions, diced

1/2 cup broccoli, diced

3/4 cup shredded mild cheese


Fruit of choice

Mini chocolate chips

Nut Butter


Vanilla Wafers

Chocolate pudding

Graham crackers

Marshmallow creme

Mini marshmallows

Chocolate bar






From the above ingredients you will be able to make the following snacks:

No-bake Veggie Pizza 

Banana Peanut Butter Halves With Fruit/Chocolate

Banana Cookies with Sprinkles

S’Mores Parfait

There are multiple ways to host this workshop. You could have the charity partner send the ladies or girls in small groups. You could have the girls work in pairs or teams. Also, you could choose just one recipe to do with the group or individual girls. Or you can do multiple.

Here is how I did it. For the no-bake veggie pizza and the banana cookies with sprinkles, I had the girls work in pairs.

For the banana peanut butter halves with fruit or chocolate, and the s’mores parfait, each girl had her own materials.

Most of the recipes are pretty self-explanatory just by looking at the picture. But I will include links to the recipe that I used so that you can make sure you know how to explain it to your girls. Also, if you Pinterest Or Google no-bake snacks, you will come up with hundreds of ideas. You don’t necessarily have to use these.

Make sure you check with your charity partner to determine what utensils the girls are not allowed to have and if there are any food allergies. Instead of peanut butter, I typically use almond butter.

As for the supplies of food and other materials, you could talk to your local grocery store. We have had grocery stores donate supplies to us before. Also, volunteers are a great resource. They will often happily donate plates, utensils, or food items for the workshop. If each volunteer donated one or two items, you would be able to host your workshop with minimal financial obligation.

Once you are ready for your workshop, make sure the girls have their required materials. And then choose one of the recipes and go over the recipes step by step with the girls. Make sure that they have completed the first step before moving on to the second. Once they finish, give them a few minutes too try their snack before moving on to the next recipe.

As you are making your snack with the girls, you could talk about the importance of healthy snacks and a balanced diet. You could also talk about ways you could change these recipes up. That way the girls will be able to make these recipes with options and have more variety. It’s also a great way to ask the girls what their favorite foods are. Or if they have a favorite snack. Is definitely a great conversation starter.

Between recipes, make sure the girls have time to clean up their mess so that they are ready for the next recipe.

End the workshop by thinking your charity partner for their time and also letting them know that they can Google or Pinterest no-bake snacks for many more ideas.

Printable directions and tips for those unable to have a Zoom conference.