No Sew Pillow Fun!

No Sew Fleece Pillow



2 yards of fleece divided into 1-yard pieces

16-inch pillow insert or stuffing for the pillow


Fabric marker

Ballpoint pins

Fabric scissors


Step 1 : Measure and cut the fabric

Place one yard of fleece on top of another yard. The patterned sides should be facing out on both top and bottom so that you can see them.

To determine the size to cut the fabrics take the dimensions of your pillow and add 4 inches to all four sides. That way your pillow will fit inside the case.

If you have pillow stuffing, determine the size that you want the pillow and add 4 inches to all four sides.

Pin in place if needed to keep the fabric from moving.

Step 2: Measure and cut 4-inch squares out of the four corners

Cut one inch wide strips, 4 inches long,  around the edges

You can mark them to keep it more consistent

Step 3: Tie the knots and insert the pillow or stuffing.

Only tie knots on three sides. That way you will have an opening for your pillow stuffing or pillow to go in.

Once your pillow/stuffing is in go ahead and tie the final side.

Here is a video tutorial if needed.


New Sew Fleece Pillow Printable Instructions